2018 ABBI World Finals Participant's Letter

2018 ABBI World Finals 

Congratulations!  One or more of your entries have been accepted to the 2018 World Finals Events. 

WHEN: Friday, November 2nd thru Saturday, November 10th, 2018



South Point Event Address:     T-Mobile Event Address:     Bull Housing Address: 

South Point Arena                    T-Mobile Arena                    South Point Arena

9777 Las Vegas Blvd South     3780 Arena Dr.                    9777 Las Vegas Blvd South

Las Vegas, NV. 89183              Las Vegas, NV. 89158          Las Vegas, NV. 89183


Host Hotel:

South Point Hotel, Casino, & Spa

9777 Las Vegas Blvd South

Las Vegas, NV. 89183

866-796-7111 or southpointcasino.com


Bull Testing:  ALL bulls are subject to drug screening.  All bulls must remain at the event until the testing has been completed.  Any of the bulls not tested will be fined and winnings forfeited.   Check schedule outside of the ABBI office to see if your bull will be tested.   Random Bulls will be tested.

Housing Hours: The pens will be closed from 10:00 pm until 6:00 am.  Any person found in the housing area outside of the housing hours without written permission to present to security will be fined and automatic disqualification. Anyone that needs to be in pens during that time must contact Kyle Lewis or Ted Groene.

On Site Production:  Kyle Lewis 972-754-0825, Ted Groene 775-513-9089, or Rebecca Flores 719-248-7028

On Site Veterinarian:Dr. Warner 512-656-3632   If any bull needs any prescribed shots during the week, the on-site vet must receive the prescription from your vet to be filled by the on-site vet.  Only the on-site vet is allowed to administer any shots.   ***FOR SHOTS & STANDARD WORK, DOC WILL ONLY BE ABAILABLE FROM 8AM-10AM DAILY, NOTIFY KYLE LEWIS IN ADVANCE***


Check – in Time: All bulls will be accepted for check-in on Thursday, November 1st, Friday, November 2nd, Saturday, November 3rd, Sunday, November 4th, 2018 starting at 9:00 am & ending 5:00 pm each day.  All bulls must be checked in by 5:00 pm on Sunday. Classic bulls only will also be accepted on Monday, November 5th between 9am and 5pm.  Any bulls arriving outside the designated check in time need to contact Ted for arrangements.

Late Arrival:  Late check-in - $250.00 per animal.  Late is defined as not being in line at the designated close time for check in of animals.  Check-in officials will determine the end of the line and whether a fine will be assessed.

Trailer Parking:  All trailers will in the South Point Grand View Lot.  

Check – Out Time:    All bulls must be checked out by Monday, November 12, 2018 by 10:00 am.  All bull owners must check with Housing Director before departing. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO CHECK OUT DURING EVENTS

Judging:  The producer has elected to use the 5-Judge System for all events. Judges will be Shawn Ramirez, Dean Randolph, Royd Doyal, Blake Rowan, JJ Quintana.

Classic Bulls - All bulls will be reviewed by Livestock Director before advancing to Classic Event.

Tickets:  One ticket per bull entered will be provided for the performance that bull is entered in.  All classic bulls will receive only one ticket per bull entered for Wednesday’s performance.  Any additional tickets for any of the events must be purchased.  For additional Classic tickets, please call the PBR office at 719-242-2800 and ask for the ticket office.  For additional tickets for all other events, go on-line to http://www.southpointeventscenter.com/events.php.

Bull Exercising:  All bulls will be exercised at the Housing Director’s discretion.  Absolutely no feeding, exercising or moving of bulls while a competition is in progress. Please contact Ted or Kyle with any questions. 

Water Tubs:Water tubs will be provided by ABBI, please leave these in pen when you leave, or you will be fined.

Bedding:  No outside bedding of any kind is allowed at South Point.  All bedding must be purchased at the South Point.

Conduct:  All participants are expected to meet the honesty, integrity and professionalism to reflect the image expected of members of the PBR/ABBI.   (Please refer to the PBR rulebook 17-11)

Horns:  Your bull MUST have his horns tipped to the diameter of a 50 cent piece (25 cent piece for yearlings) according to ABBI rules prior to arriving at the event.  We will not allow you to check in if you fail to comply.  No horn tipping will be done on site.  Bull will be disqualified.

W-9 Requirements:To avoid any delay in payment of prize money pleas have a 2018 W-9 to the ABBI office before the event.  All prize money will be paid out by Check only

Health Papers:     All contractors are required to bring a copy of health papers to give ABBI staff.   If EID tag is missing or has recently been replaced a copy of the EID tag paperwork is required.  If health paperwork is not provided or an EID tag is missing, with no paperwork, you may be disqualified.

All bulls must have a 30-day health certificate with negative TB and brucellosis done within 365 days of event and the blanket permit number SW100318-211.  If selling any animal in Nevada a Trich test is required. Please contact the Nevada Permit office at (775) 353-3718 for and individual permit number.



***Important Information***

The blanket permit number for the November 2, 2018 through November 10, 2018 - PBR is #

SW100318-211.  Below are the requirements for livestock and horses coming to Nevada

for the PBR. Requirements are subject to change and Veterinarians writing health

certificates should check with the Nevada Department of Agriculture before doing so. Any

animal in need of a health certificate when leaving Nevada will need to meet the

requirements of the state they are traveling to. We can do Canadian Health Certificates for

horses, but not livestock due to requirements. Also, Canadian Health Certificates can take

up to 4-5 business days to complete. If you have any questions regarding the requirements,

please call the Nevada Department of Agriculture at 775-353-3718.


1. Health Certificate within 30 days

2. Negative Coggins (ELISA or AGID) within 6 months of entry.

3. Proof of ownership (brand inspection certificate, bill of sale, registration papers).

Traceability for Livestock moving Interstate (effective 3/11/13):

Official identification is required for the following cattle & their official ID must be recorded on

the health certificate:

1. All sexually intact beef cattle 18 months of age and over

2. All dairy cattle of any age

3. All cattle used for rodeo, recreation, show or exhibition


Acceptable forms of identification:

1. Official ear tags: metal or 840-compliant (RFID or visual)

2. Official USDA backtags for cattle moving directly to slaughter

3. Registered breed tattoos when accompanied by certificate


Rodeo/Show/Event Livestock

1. Health certificate within 30 days

2. Entry permit

3. All sexually intact animals and steers 12 months and older require an annual TB and brucellosis test

4. Heifers, 4 months and older, must be officially calf hood brucellosis vaccinates.

5. All cattle used for rodeos, shows and exhibitions of any age require official identification. All

animals must be individually identified on health certificate.


Rodeo/Show Bulls can be exempt from T. fetus regulation under the following conditions:

1. Not being sold.

2. No contact with females.

3. No pasturing while in Nevada.

4. Leave Nevada immediately after show.

5. Veterinarians have to add the following disclaimer on the CVI: ‘Not for sale or breeding in NV’


Sale Bulls

1. Health Certificate within 30 days

2. Entry Permit

3. Bulls 12 Months or older MUST be T. fetus tested within 60 days of entry into

Nevada and have a T. fetus control program tag in the right ear.

4. Individual ‘In Pouch’ Test or individual RT-PCR test accepted.

5. Bulls changing ownership and entering Nevada – T. fetus test chart must be faxed to this office

BEFORE a permit will be issued.

6. Bulls need to be individually identified on T. fetus test chart and health certificate needs to

reference the T. fetus test chart.


Canadian Cattle:

1. Health Certificate within 30 days

2. Entry permit

3. All animals must be individually identified as approved by USDA.

4. Individual ID must be listed on the CVI.

5. All cattle except for immediate slaughter require a CAN brand on the right tailhead.

6. Registered cattle may enter without a CAN brand if they have a ‘CAN’ tattoo.


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