What is the ABBI?

American Bucking Bull, Inc. (“ABBI”) is dedicated to unifying, developing and promoting the bucking bull industry through pedigree preservation; enhancement and promotion of bucking bull ownership, breeding, and welfare; and development of programs and events showcasing the world’s finest bucking bull stock. We are a registry set up to record and preserve the pedigrees of the world’s premier bucking bull livestock. ABBI is structured to promote participation by those with the biggest stake in the bucking bull industry – the owners, breeders and trainers of the world’s greatest bucking bulls. We provide an environment where bucking bull breeder’s can introduce and foster the growth of young bucking bulls ensuring the finest animal athletes are available to compete at selected PBR Built Ford Tough and PBR Touring Pro events.

ABBI has rapidly expanded its business through the registration, verification and maintenance of pedigrees for  preeminent bucking bull stock; the organization, management and promotion of “world-class” programs and events benefiting stock owners; and providing incentives, benefits and opportunities for ABBI’s owners and members which enhance the value and integrity of the American bucking bull. The ABBI affords bucking bull breeders the opportunity to bring their animal athletes to PBR sanctioned events to compete against one another for a world championship held at the end of the season


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ABBI is proud to partner with some of the leading companies in the entertainment, ranching, agriculture and western lifestyle industries. Please contact Jay Daugherty at +1 (719) 242-2747 if you'd like to be a part of our corporate family.