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2014 Springfield Classic Presented By Ariat ~ Results
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2014 Buck'n Awesome Bull Extravaganza ~ Results
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2014 Archdale Round 1 - Big Tex 3D Futurity Challenge ~ Results
5th Annual Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Spring Fling Classic - Unofficial Results
5th Annual Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Spring Fling Futurity ~ Unofficial Results
5th Annual Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Spring Fling BSB Derby ~ Unofficial Results
5th Annual Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Spring Fling Jr. Futurity ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Wild Wild West Festival Classic Division 1 ~ Results
2014 Wild Wild West Festival Classic Division 2 ~ Results
2014 Wild Wild West Festival Derby ~ Results
2014 Wild Wild West Festival Futurity ~ Results
2014 Wild Wild West Festival Jr. Futurity ~ Results
2014 Wild Wild West Festival Maturity ~ Results
2014 JW Hart PBR Challenge Classic ~ Results
2014 JW Hart PBR Challenge Derby ~ Results
2014 JW Hart PBR Challenge 3D Futurity ~ Results
2014 Cowgirls For A Cause 3D Futurity ~ Results
2014 American Heritage Derby ~ Results
2014 American Heritage Futurity ~ Results
2014 American Heritage Jr. Futurity ~ Results
2014 Archdale Round 2 - Big Tex 3D Futurity Challenge - Results
2014 Jerome Davis 3-D Derby ~ Results
2014 Jerome Davis' Cowgirls For A Cause 3D Futurity ~ Results
Bulls in the Rockies ABBI Vacation Getaway Classic ~ Results
Bulls in the Rockies ABBI Vacation Getaway Maturity ~ Results
Bulls in the Rockies ABBI Vacation Getaway Futurity ~ Results
Black Hawk Double Down Classic ~ Unofficial Results
Black Hawk Double Down Derby ~ Unofficial Results
Black Hawk Double Down Maturity ~ Unofficial Results
Black Hawk Double Down Futurity ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Gonzales PBR Classic Division 1 ~ Results
2014 Gonzales PBR Classic - Division 2 ~ Results
2014 Gonzales PBR Derby ~ Results
2014 Tulsa Built Ford Tough Classic ~ Results
2014 Lightning "C" Summer Bash Jr. Futurity ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Lightning "C" Summer Bash Cowgirls For A Cure ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Locust Grove Lifetime Derby ~ Draw
2014 Locust Grove Mega Jr. Futurity ~ Results
2014 Lightning "C" Summer Bash Futurity ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Locust Grove Mega Futurity ~ Results
2014 Locust Grove Cowgirls For A Cure Futurity ~ Results
2014 Locust Grove Lifetime Derby ~ Results
16th Annual Jerome Davis PBR Invitational ~ Rider Draw
2014 Archdale Round 3 - Big Tex 3D Futurity Challenge/Jr Futurity ~ Day Order
2014 Thackerville BFTS Classic ~ Results
16th Annual Jerome Davis PBR Invitational ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Archdale Round 3 - Big Tex 3D Futurity Challenge ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Jerome Davis Jr. Futurity ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Springfield BFTS Maturity ~ Results
2014 Springfield BFTS Super Classic ~ Results
2014 Springfield BFTS Super Classic ~ Unofficial Top 10 Bulls with Bloodlines
2014 Springfield BFTS Maturity ~ Unofficial Top 10 Bulls with Bloodlines
ABBI Mega Futurity Presented By Exclusive Genetics ~ Results
2014 Locust Grove Wild Card ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Locust Grove Novice Futurity ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Locust Grove Maturity ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Jr Finals ~ Unofficial Results
2014 Locust Grove Wild Card ~ Unofficial Top Bulls With Blood Lines
2014 Locust Grove Novice Futurity ~ Unofficial Top Bulls With Blood Lines
2014 Locust Grove Maturity ~ Unofficial Top Bulls With Blood Lines
2014 Locust Grove Jr Finals ~ Unofficial Top Bulls With Blood Lines
2014 ABBI Futurity World Finals ~ Accepted Entries
2014 ABBI Classic World Finals ~ Unofficial Results
2014 World Finals BSB Derby ~ Unofficial Results
2014 World Finals BSB Derby ~ Unofficial Top Bulls With Blood Lines
2014 World Finals BSB Futurity ~ Unofficial Top Bulls With Blood Lines
2014 World Finals Lifetime Derby ~ Unofficial Top Bulls With Blood Lines
2014 World Finals Futurity ~ Unofficial Results
2014 World Finals Lifetime Derby ~ Unofficial Results
2014 World Finals Yearling Futurity ~ Unofficial Results
2014 World Finals Lifetime Yearling ~ Unofficial Top Bulls With Blood Lines
2014 World Finals Wild Card ~ Unofficial Results
2014 World Finals Cowgirls For A Cure ~ Unofficial Results
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Super Stakes Participants List

Program YearSS NumberBullABBI #Owner
20102010-001Spartan10120217Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20102010-002Breach10120218Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20102010-003Pride10120219Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20102010-004Nine Ball10120220Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20102010-005Neon Hammer10120221Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20102010-006Murdock 01810120222Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20102010-007Cash King10115928Sun Country Bucking Bulls
20102010-008Cowtown Miracle10115835Martinez Bucking Bulls
20102010-009DKS 119910127378Simmons Bucking Horses / David and Kathleen Simmons
20102010-010TN042 Po Panda10115906T & N Cattle Company
20102010-011JB08510115972High Stakes Bucking Bulls
20102010-012Missouri Grace10115976High Stakes Bucking Bulls
20102010-013High Stakes 95110116764High Stakes Bucking Bulls
20102010-014Cowboy Cabaret10116765High Stakes Bucking Bulls
20102010-015High Stakes 94110116767High Stakes Bucking Bulls
20102010-016JSCS 90210121426High Stakes Bucking Bulls
20102010-017High Stakes 42210121430High Stakes Bucking Bulls
20102010-018Mr. Wu10117937S & P Cattle
20102010-019Tiny Shot10115808Heien Cattle Co.
20102010-020Hyland 00110116250Hyland Cattle Co
20102010-021Hyland 00210116251Hyland Cattle Co
20102010-022Hyland 00510116254Hyland Cattle Co
20102010-023Hyland 00810116257Hyland Cattle Co
20102010-024Hyland 01310116262Hyland Cattle Co
20102010-025Hyland 01410116263Hyland Cattle Co
20102010-026Hyland 01510116264Hyland Cattle Co
20102010-027Hyland 00010116265Hyland Cattle Co
20102010-028Red Dragon 01110114331Hookin "W" Ranch
20102010-029Stay Thirsty10114332Rick Wilson
20102010-03008410114333Hookin "W" Ranch
20102010-03100 Wilson10114335Hookin "W" Ranch
20102010-032Pepper Sneeze10114928Burris & Sons Bucking Bulls
20102010-033Ski Hi Pepper10117594Burris & Sons Bucking Bulls
20102010-034McConnell -10010125173McConnell's Bucking Cattle
20102010-035McConnell -10110125175McConnell's Bucking Cattle
20102010-036McConnell -10210125176McConnell's Bucking Cattle
20102010-037Double Vision 019310114953RPM Bucking Bulls
20102010-038SB 370 Colonel Conagher10113575Wyatt Crowder Bucking Bulls
20102010-039SB 220 Mr. Coffee10115084Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20102010-040SB 260 Pazaz10116631Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20102010-041Wax This10117877Bondad Bucking Bulls llc
20102010-042SB 170 Dancing Water10113576Myles Bucking Bulls
20112011-001Wild Bo DKS 13110129650Simmons Bucking Horses / David and Kathleen Simmons
20112011-002Fool's Day10129662Swim Cattle Company
20112011-003Gitcha Some Wine101297892J Bucking Bulls
20112011-006Smoke 'em10129847Sun Country Bucking Bulls
20112011-007Suenami10129851Candy Cane Quarter Horses
20112011-008Corona10130099La Piedra Mexicana Ranch
20112011-009Hou Dis TN14310130404T & N Cattle Company
20112011-010Hou Dat TN14410130405T & N Cattle Company
20112011-011TN14610130406T & N Cattle Company
20112011-012BC 13510130484BearClaw Bucking Bulls
20112011-013Whitewater Rafter10130547King and Minchin Bucking Stock
20112011-014Hou's Slinging10130548King and Minchin Bucking Stock
20112011-015Cocked Pistol10130904Fletcher Bucking Bulls
20112011-016Pearl's Bandit10131123Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20112011-01719 Wilson10131260Hookin "W" Ranch
20112011-018174 Wilson10131261Hookin "W" Ranch
20112011-019No Slack Mad Jack10131549Elite bucking bulls
20112011-020Texas Pacific10131606Top Bucking Bulls
20112011-021Smash Cash10131607Top Bucking Bulls
20112011-022Bo Dini10131608Top Bucking Bulls
20112011-023Top Red10131609Top Bucking Bulls
20112011-024Little Bo Pete10131610Top Bucking Bulls
20112011-025WM 404 Son Of Pain10131745We Milk ''em Cattle Genetics
20112011-026WM 405 Buster10131816We Milk ''em Cattle Genetics
20112011-027WM 406 Otis10131817We Milk ''em Cattle Genetics
20112011-028WM 407 Dr Hockett10131818We Milk ''em Cattle Genetics
20112011-029#109X10131783Burris & Sons Bucking Bulls
20112011-030#16410131784Burris & Sons Bucking Bulls
20112011-032James's Slip Knot10132161J4 Bucking Stock
20112011-033Bama10132180High Point Farms Bucking Stock
20112011-034Widow Maker10132181Dismukes Bucking Stock
20112011-035Back Draft10132182Dismukes Bucking Stock
20112011-036Smoke N Outlaw10132183Dismukes Bucking Stock
20112011-037Joe Black10132184Dismukes Bucking Stock
20112011-038Cooter Cat10132245Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20112011-039Hou's Black10132246Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20112011-040Shanghai Express10132248Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20112011-041Cross C 13710132374Cross C Bucking Bulls
20112011-042Cross C 13210132375Cross C Bucking Bulls
20112011-043Pan Head10132376Cross C Bucking Bulls
20112011-0441411/210132580D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20112011-0451411/110132581Bar F Rodeo Genetics
20112011-046V 1-510132583Wilson / Foutch
20112011-047MTZ 165410132714Martinez Bucking Bulls
20112011-048MTZ 172310132715Martinez Bucking Bulls
20112011-049Hyland 13910132648Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-050Hyland 12110132649Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-051Hyland 12710132650Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-052Hyland 12210132653Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-053Hyland 11210132654Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-054Hyland 10810132656Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-055Rocky Mountain Stanley10132657Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-056Hyland 12610132658Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-057Hyland 12010132659Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-058Hyland 10410132663Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-059Hyland 13410132664Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-060Hyland 14310132666Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-061Hyland 10210132668Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-062Hyland 11110132669Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-063Hyland 13310132672Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-064Hyland 13810132675Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-065Hyland 10910132682Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-066Hyland 14110132683Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-067Hyland 11510132684Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-068Hyland 12910132686Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-069Hyland 11810132687Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-070Hyland 11610132688Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-071Hyland 12310132690Hyland Cattle Co
20112011-072One-O-Two Legit10132828Bloyd Bucking Bulls
20112011-073104 I'm Not Ugly10132830Bloyd Bucking Bulls
20112011-074108 Goose10132834Bloyd Bucking Bulls
20112011-075Wilburn 10210132864Wilburn Bucking Bulls/Four Way Ranch
20112011-076Wilburn 16110132872Wilburn Bucking Bulls/Four Way Ranch
20112011-077Wilburn 13010132882Wilburn Bucking Bulls/Four Way Ranch
20112011-078Wilburn 13410132902Wilburn Bucking Bulls/Four Way Ranch
20112011-079I'll Make You Famous10132913S & P Cattle
20112011-080Model 9410132914S & P Cattle
20112011-081# 2- Wu10132915S & P Cattle
20112011-082Hargis / James H16210132935Hargis Bucking Bulls
20112011-083Hick's 16310133039EBO Cattle Bucking Stock
20112011-084Godfrey 11610133250Godfrey 4X Cattle and Hauling, Inc.
20112011-085Armand Hammer10133306Griego Cattle Co.
20112011-086Carolina Crusher10133319Thunder Run Ranch
20112011-087Doc Lock10133321Thunder Run Ranch
20112011-088TRR Yellow Fever10133322Thunder Run Ranch
20112011-089In Your Pocket10133323Thunder Run Ranch
20112011-090KC 39110133603Cox Bucking Bulls
20112011-091KC 43110133604Cox Bucking Bulls
20112011-092KC 44110133605Cox Bucking Bulls
20112011-093KC 51110133609Cox Bucking Bulls
20112011-094KC 62110133614Cox Bucking Bulls
20112011-095Red Fern10133725Eastview Ranch
20112011-096JODIE C10133726E - J Bucking Bulls LLC
20112011-097Lucky Luke10133727Eastview Ranch
20112011-098Faith Builder10133728Flying 8 Bucking Bulls
20112011-099Little Bojangles10133729Eastview Ranch
20112011-100Vootylicious101337336M Ranch
20112011-101Voo-Ya101337346M Ranch
20112011-102CD'S Chance10133759CD Bucking Bulls
20112011-103CD'S Dumbo10133761CD Bucking Bulls
20112011-104Dr. House10133762CD Bucking Bulls
20112011-105Pythagoras10133764McConnell's Bucking Cattle
20112011-106Keg Stand10133768Prime Time buckers
20112011-107T-M 2710134029T-M Bucking Cattle
20112011-108Eclipse10134077Homestead Genetics
20112011-110-F 19510134146Bar F Rodeo Genetics
20112011-111-F -13510134151Bar F Rodeo Genetics
20112011-112-F -14610134153Hookin S
20112011-113-F -12410134155Marty Foutch/Danny McEachern/Lee Hernandez
20112011-114Circus Peanut10133288McConnell's Bucking Cattle
20112011-115Duck On A Junebug10133289McConnell's Bucking Cattle
20112011-116Cappie10133290McConnell's Bucking Cattle
20112011-117Denim Dan10133291McConnell's Bucking Cattle
20112011-118Kill the Lights10133295McConnell's Bucking Cattle
20112011-119KC 22110134222Cox Bucking Bulls
20112011-120Daddies Jacket10134242RLH Ranch
20112011-121Mega Mind10134243N4 Land & Livestock
20112011-122Carolina White Lighting10134594Thunder Run Ranch
20112011-123Parallax10134619DJ Stull Bulls
20112011-124Pompous10134620DJ Stull Bulls
20112011-125Pinkerton 10910134622DJ Stull Bulls
20112011-126Power Ball 11510134627DJ Stull Bulls
20112011-127Patriarch10134632DJ Stull Bulls
20112011-128Pernicious10134635DJ Stull Bulls
20112011-129Hot Wire 12610134638DJ Stull Bulls
20112011-130Phantom 13410134646DJ Stull Bulls
20112011-131Pompadour10134649DJ Stull Bulls
20112011-132KC 28110134773Cox Bucking Bulls
20112011-133Copp 10110134789Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-134Copp 10210134790JATT Bucking Bulls
20112011-135Copp 10310134791Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-136Copp 10410134792Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-137Copp 105101347934hb
20112011-138Copp 10610134794Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-139Copp 10710134795Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-140Copp 10810134796Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-141Copp 10910134797Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-142Copp 11010134798Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-143Copp 11110134799Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-144Copp 11210134800Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-145Copp 11310134801Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-146Copp 11410134802Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-147Copp 11510134803Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-148Copp 11610134804Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-149Copp 11710134805Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-150Copp 11810134806Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-151Copp 11910134807Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-152Copp 12010134808Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-153Copp 12110134809Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-154Copp 12210134810Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-155Copp 12310134811Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-156Copp 12410134812Lightning C Cattle Co.
20112011-157Psycho Rat10133460B Bar T Bucking Bulls
20112011-158Heartbreaker 25110135066B Bar A Farms
20112011-159Mc -58110135069*McCracken Bull Company
20112011-160CS 15210135097CS Land & Cattle
20112011-161Bonkers10135190Backlund Bucking Cattle and Bull Co.
20112011-162Hardy 190810135236Canyon Oaks Farms
20112011-163LKP 10110135382Pedone Ranch
20112011-164WM 11110131368Wayne Mataska Bucking Stock
20112011-165WM 1210131369Wayne Mataska Bucking Stock
20112011-166WM 121 Red10131370Wayne Mataska Bucking Stock
20112011-167WM 12210131371Wayne Mataska Bucking Stock
20112011-168WM 13210131374Wayne Mataska Bucking Stock
20112011-169Jones 0210135649Boyd/Floyd
20112011-170Jones 3810135650Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-171Jones 76510135651Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-172Boyd 64910135652Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-173Boyd 65010135653Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-174Boyd 65110135654Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-175Boyd 65210135655Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-176Boyd 65310135656Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-177Boyd 65410135657Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-178Boyd 65510135658Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-179Boyd 65610135659Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-180Boyd 65710135660Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-181Boyd 65810135661Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-182Boyd 65910135662Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-183Boyd 66010135663Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-184Boyd 66110135664Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-185Boyd 66210135665Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-186Boyd 66310135666Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-187Boyd 66410135667Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-188Boyd 66510135668Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-189Boyd 66610135669Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-190Boyd 66710135670Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-191Boyd 66810135671Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-19266910135672Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-193Boyd 67010135673Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-194Boyd 67110135674Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-195Boyd 67210135675Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-196Boyd 67310135676Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-197Boyd 67410135677Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-198Boyd 67510135678Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-199Boyd 67610135679Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-200Boyd 67710135680Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-201Boyd 67810135681Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-202Boyd 68410135682Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-203Boyd 68510135683Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-204Boyd 68610135684Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-205Boyd 68710135685Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-206Boyd 68810135686Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-207Boyd 68910135687Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-208Boyd 69210135688Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-209Boyd 69310135689Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-210Boyd 69810135690Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-211Boyd 69910135691Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-212Boyd 70010135692Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-213Boyd 70210135693Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-214Boyd 70410135694Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-215Boyd 70710135695Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-216Boyd 70510135696Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-217Boyd 70810135697Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-218Cowboy Jam10135699Miller Farm LLC
20112011-219Loaded and Ready10135898Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20112011-220Voodoo Time101360426M Ranch
20112011-221Big Red One10136122kodoc
20112011-222D O A10136123kodoc
20112011-224Smoke Wagon 57410136125kodoc
20112011-226Demonic10136127Twisted B Cattle Company
20112011-227On the Fly10136128kodoc
20112011-228Bad Bad Man10136129kodoc
20112011-229Boss Man 59210136130kodoc
20112011-230Big Bang10136131kodoc
20112011-231Taz 101110136132kodoc
20112011-232Dirt Hurts10136195CLH Cattle Co.
20112011-233Kung Fu Panda101363192J Bucking Bulls
20112011-234Pop It10136364Rafter A Ranch
20112011-235Spotted Rocket10136367Rafter A Ranch
20112011-236Black Beard10136368Rafter A Ranch
20112011-237Auto Cat10136369Rafter A Ranch
20112011-238Castle 115710136388Castle Ranch
20112011-239Castle 119110136390Castle Ranch
20112011-240Castle 119310136394Castle Ranch
20112011-241Castle 112210136395Castle Ranch
20112011-242Castle 113910136397Castle Ranch
20112011-243Castle 110910136399Castle Ranch
20112011-244Hot Hot Pepper10136647Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20112011-245Ellis 110010136700Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-246Ellis 110110136701Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-247Ellis 110210136702Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-248Ellis 110310136703Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-2491104 Snake Farm10136704Rafter 3S Bull Company
20112011-250Ellis 110510136705Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-251Ellis 110710136706Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-252Ellis 111010136709Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-253Ellis 111310136712Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-254Ellis 111410136713Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-255Ellis 111710136716Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-256Ellis 111810136717Cross E Bucking Bulls
20112011-257D-X 111110136915D-X Ranch
20112011-258Boyd 70910137001Boyd/Floyd
20112011-259Boyd 71010137002Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-260Boyd 71110137003Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-261B 71210137004Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-262Boyd 71310137005Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-263Boyd 71510137006Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-264Boyd 71610137007Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-265Boyd 71710137008Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-266Boyd 71810137009Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-267Boyd 71910137010Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-268Boyd 72110137011Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-269Boyd 72210137012Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-270Boyd 72310137013Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-271Boyd 72610137014Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-272Boyd 72710137015Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-273Boyd 72910137016Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-274Boyd 73010137017Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-275Boyd 97810137018Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-276Boyd 73510137019Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-277Boyd 73610137020Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-278Boyd 73810137021Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-279Boyd 73910137022Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-280Boyd 74010137023Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-281Boyd 74110137024Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-282Boyd 74210137025Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-283Boyd 743-74410137026Jefe Livestock LLC
20112011-292Chicken Hawk 110137224Circle 8 Ball Ranch
20112011-293Black Hawk 110137227Circle 8 Ball Ranch
20112011-294Rusty Hawk10137229Circle 8 Ball Ranch
20112011-295WM401 Vertical Curve10137584We Milk ''em Cattle Genetics
20112011-296JKH X0710137594JKH Bucking Bulls
20112011-297WB 110137618Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20112011-298WB 1010137619Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20112011-299WB 1110137620Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20112011-300WB 1210137621Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20112011-301WB 1310137622Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20112011-302WB 1410137623Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20112011-303WB 1510137624Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20112011-3041-110137631Broken T Cattle
20112011-305Smack10137637WJ Cattle Company
20112011-306FREAK BEAST10137641WJ Cattle Company
20112011-307Moody-Rice 1610137665Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20112011-308Moody-Rice 19210137668Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20112011-309Moody-Rice 12-110137672Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20112011-310Cyrus10137712Ronnie Chism Farm & Ranch
20112011-311Say Win10137736Santa Teresa Cattle Company
20112011-312Say Goodnight10137742Santa Teresa Cattle Company
20112011-313Say Hou10137744Santa Teresa Cattle Company
20112011-314Say Red Bull10137746Santa Teresa Cattle Company
20112011-315Say Yes Boss10137747Santa Teresa Cattle Company
20112011-316LS 15610138043Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics
20112011-317LS 15910138046Russ Gant/Mick Plummer
20112011-318118/c101382132 K
20112011-319131/c101382142 K
20112011-320152/c101382152 K
20112011-321110/c101382162 K
20112011-322157/c101382172 K
20112011-323The Goat 13010138245Bean Counter Buckin Bulls
20112011-324Tee Time10138264Ledford Bucking Bulls
20112011-325TR1210138297Thunder Ridge Farm
20112011-326TR131013829821+ Cattle Company
20112011-327TR1410138299Thunder Ridge Farm
20112011-328TR1610138301Thunder Ridge Farm
20112011-341Hargis / James H13310138668Hargis Bucking Bulls
20112011-342Hargis X5910138669Branch Farms L.L.C.
20112011-343Fire and Smoke10138670Smokin B Land & Cattle, LLC
20112011-344Kinda Jacked Up10138671McCoy Ranches
20112011-345Hargis X2810138672Hargis Bucking Bulls
20112011-346Hargis X8410138675Diamond J5
20112011-347104x BD10138705Braindead Cattle Co
20112011-348x105 BD10138706Braindead Cattle Co
20112011-349106x BD10138707Braindead Cattle Co
20112011-350109x BD10138708Braindead Cattle Co
20112011-351111x BD10138709Braindead Cattle Co
20112011-352116x BD10138710Braindead Cattle Co
20112011-353119x BD10138711Braindead Cattle Co
20112011-354120x BD10138712Braindead Cattle Co
20112011-355122x BD10138714Braindead Cattle Co
20112011-356123x BD10138715Braindead Cattle Co
20112011-357Wyatt 11110138984Owens Cattle
20112011-358BS 103 New Found Hater10139066BS Cattle Co.
20112011-359Bucksnort Brother10139112Owens Cattle
20112011-360High Slinger10139113K Bar C
20112011-361Owens 11910139114Owens Cattle
20112011-362Owens 12210139115Owens Cattle
20112011-363Owens 11810139116Owens Cattle
20112011-364Owens 112110139117Owens Cattle
20112011-365Owens 11410139118Owens Cattle
20112011-366Owens 12310139119Owens Cattle
20112011-367Owens 10910139120Owens Cattle
20112011-368Pappy10139121Tallgrass Prairie Land & Cattle Co., & 444 Bucking Bulls, LLC
20112011-369Owens 10810139122Owens Cattle
20112011-370Owens 12810139123Owens Cattle
20112011-371Owens 10710139124Owens Cattle
20112011-372Owens 11210139125Owens Cattle
20112011-373Owens 11510139126Owens Cattle
20112011-374Wax Job10139162ACL Bull Genetics
20112011-375ALINE 39110139163ACL Bull Genetics
20112011-376ALINE 31110139164ACL Bull Genetics
20112011-377ALINE 35110139165ACL Bull Genetics
20112011-378ALINE 04110139167ACL Bull Genetics
20112011-379AV21 Majic Man10139177Ackworth Valley
20112011-380AV41 Mr. Bass Man10139179Ackworth Valley
20112011-381AV51 Moon Shine10139180Ackworth Valley
20112011-382Owens 12010139192Owens Cattle
20112011-383EGcited Delirium10139193Exclusive Genetics
20112011-384Owens 11310139194Owens Cattle
20112011-385Owens 11710139195Owens Cattle
20112011-386Owens 11610139196Owens Cattle
20112011-387Dirty Johnny1013948836- Bucking Bulls
20112011-388Ole Gray1013948936- Bucking Bulls
20112011-389Fox Mtn 66110139534Fox Moutain Cattle Co.
20112011-390Fox Mtn / Futrell 15110139536Fox Moutain Cattle Co.
20112011-391Fox Mtn. 37110139537Fox Moutain Cattle Co.
20112011-392Humphrey10139567Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20112011-393Hick's 16510139729EBO Cattle Bucking Stock
20112011-394McIlroy Ranch 155910139931McIlroy Ranch
20112011-395McIlroy Ranch 117910139932McIlroy Ranch
20112011-396SCC 13310140101Sanders Cattle Company
20112011-397Superior 10710140302Superior Genetics
20112011-398Superior 12010140308Ferguson Ranch Bucking Bulls LLC
20112011-399Superior 13210140312Superior Genetics
20112011-400Superior 14110140316Ferguson Ranch Bucking Bulls LLC
20112011-401Superior 15510140322Superior Genetics
20112011-402Superior 15810140324Superior Genetics
20112011-403EC 110610133752East Coast Cattle Company
20112011-404EC 111110137274East Coast Cattle Company
20112011-405EC 111810140427East Coast Cattle Company
20112011-406Wild Rock10140604Rising Star Cattle Company
20112011-407Rocking Jack10140605Rising Star Cattle Company
20112011-408Silk Jacket10140606Plum Farms
20112011-409Dueces Full101406893JH
20112011-410981 Tequila Gun101410744C Ranch
20112011-411991 Hot Sauce101410754C Ranch
20112011-412001 Tequila Man101410764C Ranch
20112011-413Davis Rodeo 1X110141281Davis Rodeo Ranch
20112011-414Davis Rodeo 1X210141282Davis Rodeo Ranch
20112011-415Davis Rodeo 1X310141283Davis Rodeo Ranch
20112011-416Davis Rodeo 1X410141284JQH Bucking Bulls
20112011-417Davis Rodeo 1X510141285Davis Rodeo Ranch
20112011-418Davis and Guidry 1X610141286Davis Rodeo Ranch
20112011-419SOB-Freightliner10141481SOB Ranch
20112011-420051 Cocoa Loco101418324C Ranch
20112011-421SB 701 Timbucktoo10130891Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20112011-422SB 731 Thunder Cloud10130894JW- Bucking Bulls
20112011-423SB 271 Folgers10130898JW- Bucking Bulls
20112011-424SB 171 Colonel Klink10130900Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20112011-425SB 091 Hilton Hotel10130901Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20112011-426SB 581 Kit10130902Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20112011-427Moody-Rice 72-4 Hou's Cash10142775Rice Cattle Co.
20112011-428Moody-Rice 72-2 Hou's Rice10142776Baldwin Farms
20112011-429Get Jiggy10132631High Point Farms Bucking Stock
20122012-001SC2410141857Sun Country Bucking Bulls
20122012-002Cat Squirrel10142576Sun Country Bucking Bulls
20122012-003L-F 241110143524Bar F Rodeo Genetics
20122012-004Sneakin 23210143714Sneakin' "W"
20122012-005HS220610143723Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20122012-006Dejavu10143735Bayou State Buckers
20122012-00751 Arrowhead10143738Bayou State Buckers
20122012-008Death Star Blue10144058J Bar E Bulls
20122012-009Bloo Duck10144098T & N Cattle Company
20122012-010Triger Happy10144099T & N Cattle Company
20122012-011Sliing Blade10144100T & N Cattle Company
20122012-012Raisin' Thunder10144133G-Bar Ranch
20122012-013C6-21510144167Crowded 6 Ranch
20122012-014J&L 12-0110144324J & L Bucking Stock
20122012-015J&L 12-0510144329J & L Bucking Stock
20122012-016Creepin Up10144381Circle 13 Ranch
20122012-017Houdunit10144511Crider Livestock
20122012-018Devil's Backbone10145491Southern Star Ranch (Bucking Bull Division)
20122012-019SB 412 Indian Dancer10145544Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20122012-020SB 6772 Comanche Water10145545Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20122012-021SB 262 Cherokee Fiddler10145691Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20122012-022SB 9272 Dancing Java10145694Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20122012-023SB 702 Apache Arrow10145696Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20122012-024SB 272 Shoeshine Sam101457003CM Cattle Co. LLC
20122012-025SB 6272 Cowboy Coffee10145702Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20122012-026SB 172 Mr. Fontanet10145705Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20122012-027SB 132 Cha Ching Water10145707Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20122012-028Bossman10145736TKA Properities LLC
20122012-029BCC 710145737Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20122012-030BCC 910145739Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20122012-031BCC 1010145740Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20122012-032BCC 1310145742Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20122012-033BCC 1410145743Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20122012-034BCC 1810145746Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20122012-035Major Dippin 39210145770Barnes Bucking Bulls, LLC
20122012-03612/32010145805Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20122012-03712/32910145806Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20122012-038Dunnam 20010145851Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-039Dunnam 20110145852Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-040Dunnam 20510145853Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-041Dunnam 20810145854Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-042209 Casanova10145855Martinez Bucking Bulls
20122012-043210 Creeper10145856Huff Ranch
20122012-044Dunnam 21110145857S/J Cattle Company
20122012-045Dunnam 21210145858Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-046Dunnam 21310145859Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-047Dunnam 21410145860S/J Cattle Company
20122012-048Roll of the Dice10145861DD Bucking Bulls
20122012-049Dunnam 21610145862Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-050Dunnam 21710145863Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-051Dunnam 21810145864Cole bucking bulls
20122012-052Dunnam 22210145865S/J Cattle Company
20122012-053Dunnam 22310145866Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-054Hide Your Crazy10145867Ramblin Verl Ranch, LLC
20122012-055Dunnam 22610145868Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-056Dunnam 22710145869S/J Cattle Company
20122012-057Dunnam 23010145870S/J Cattle Company
20122012-058Dunnam 23110145871Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-059Rockers Outlaw10145900R&L Qualls Bucking Bovine Genetics
20122012-060SB 282 Kitty Hawk10145917Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20122012-061SB 772 Muddy Chaps10145918Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20122012-062SB 852 Domino Dancer101459193CM Cattle Co. LLC
20122012-063Up Tight Sparkie10145930Dry Branch Ranch
20122012-06425 Hercules10145950Faires Bucking Bulls
20122012-065BC22910145952BearClaw Bucking Bulls
20122012-066BC20110145953BearClaw Bucking Bulls
20122012-067Hyland 20110146015Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-068Hyland 20210146016Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-069Hyland 20510146019Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-070Hyland 20610146020Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-071Hyland 20810146022Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-072Hyland 20910146023Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-073Hyland 21210146026Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-074Hyland 21310146027Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-075Hyland 21410146028Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-076Hyland 21610146030Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-077Hyland 21810146032Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-078Hyland 22010146034Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-079Hyland 22110146035Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-080Hyland 22210146036Hyland Cattle Co
20122012-081P-20110146124Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20122012-082Chili Dippin10146126Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20122012-083Blackjack Billy10146127Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20122012-084Bush Bucks10146269Top Bucking Bulls
20122012-085Code Dippin10146270Top Bucking Bulls
20122012-086Gigolo Jacket10146272Top Bucking Bulls
20122012-087Dr. Dini10146273Top Bucking Bulls
20122012-088Bush Berry10146274Top Bucking Bulls
20122012-089Code Hou10146275Top Bucking Bulls
20122012-090Idaho Riggin10146283Meek Bucking Bulls
20122012-091HooDoo Ho Down10146285Meek Bucking Bulls
20122012-092Aces Hat Trick10146299Crazy Bull Ranch
20122012-093rufus buck10146448??
20122012-094Rick O'Shay10146456Shadow Ridge Ranch
20122012-095Renagade10146458Shadow Ridge Ranch
20122012-096Key Seat10146470TNT Ranch
20122012-09725810146490"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-09829A10146491"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-099MB 20610146492"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-10025610146493"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-10129410146494"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-102MB 2X10146495"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-103MB 22510146496"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-104MB 24210146497"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-105MB 27910146498"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-106MB 210146499"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-107C 27910146529High Stakes Bucking Bulls
20122012-108High Stakes 240x10146531High Stakes Bucking Bulls
20122012-109Twistin' Okie10146787JMD Bucking Bulls
20122012-110N25910146833Northcutt Bucking Bulls
20122012-111N26010146834Northcutt Bucking Bulls
20122012-112N26110146835Northcutt Bucking Bulls
20122012-113Outlaw H82210146857Diamond H Outlaws
20122012-114Hargis H5910146868Hargis Bucking Bulls
20122012-115Hargis H1910146869Hargis Bucking Bulls
20122012-116Hargis H8410146870Hargis Bucking Bulls
20122012-117Hargis H55910146871Hargis Bucking Bulls
20122012-118Hargis H5810146872Steffan Bucking Bulls
20122012-119Hargis H9310146873Branch Farms L.L.C.
20122012-120Hargis H9510146874Hargis Bucking Bulls
20122012-121Hargis H54 Dirty Harry10146875Chapman Cattle Company
20122012-122Rafter M #M23810146882Rafter M Ranch
20122012-123Rafter M #26010146883Rafter M Ranch
20122012-124Rafter M #28910146884Rafter M Ranch
20122012-125Rafter Y #28710146886Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20122012-126Rafter Y #29010146887Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20122012-127Rafter Y #26710146888Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20122012-128Rafter Y #21810146889Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20122012-129Rafter Y #24610146890Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20122012-130Rafter Y #23210146891Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20122012-131Rafter Y #24010146892Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20122012-132Rafter Y #23810146893Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20122012-133Flying B 21210146945Flying B Bucking Bulls
20122012-134Pegasus10146958High Point Farms Bucking Stock
20122012-135Peacemaker10146959Dismukes Bucking Stock
20122012-136Rafter O 23710147065Rafter O Bucking Stock
20122012-137DC's Legit N Juice10147081Dale Cox Bucking Bulls, LLC
20122012-138JTJ22110147224JTJ Bucking Bulls
20122012-139JTJ24610147226JTJ Bucking Bulls
20122012-140OH 120110147295O Henry Power Bulls
20122012-141OH 120210147296O Henry Power Bulls
20122012-142OH 120410147297O Henry Power Bulls
20122012-143Believer10147298Eastview Ranch
20122012-144Luke's Dandy10147299DK Farms
20122012-145Mr. Nightlinger10147300Eastview Ranch
20122012-146Glory Time10147301Eastview Ranch
20122012-147Southernstates.com10147302Russ Gant/Mick Plummer
20122012-148Rick's Fund10147303Jenkins Cattle Co
20122012-149High Tops10147304Eastview Ranch
20122012-150Bloyd 20710147328Bloyd Bucking Bulls
20122012-151Bloyd 20810147329Bloyd Bucking Bulls
20122012-152Bloyd 21510147334Bloyd Bucking Bulls
20122012-153Bloyd 21610147335Bloyd Bucking Bulls
20122012-154Bloyd 20510147336Bloyd Bucking Bulls
20122012-155Bloyd 20610147337Bloyd Bucking Bulls
20122012-156Swegin10147568S & P Cattle
20122012-157El Bandito10147569S & P Cattle
20122012-158Breed10147570S & P Cattle
20122012-159Tehuacana10147572444 Bucking Bulls, LLC
20122012-160Chimp Chomp10147573J/B Bucking Bulls
20122012-161Gratny 87-210147578Richard & Dusten Gratny
20122012-162Gratny 817-210147579Richard & Dusten Gratny
20122012-163Gratny 043-210147580Richard & Dusten Gratny
20122012-164Hott Check10147673SAW Ranch
20122012-165Boxcar Willie10147686SAW Ranch
20122012-166#21310147968Burris & Sons Bucking Bulls
20122012-167#26210147969Burris & Sons Bucking Bulls
20122012-168BB282210148021Barker Bulls
20122012-169BB21510148022Barker Bulls
20122012-170BB201910148023Barker Bulls
20122012-171Ace 20010148055Ace of Spades
20122012-172The Wizard10148056TM Cattle Co.
20122012-173Ace 20310148057Ace of Spades
20122012-174Ace 20510148058Ace of Spades
20122012-175Cowboy Justice10148060JQH Bucking Bulls
20122012-176Ace 21110148064Ace of Spades
20122012-177Ace 21510148067Ace of Spades
20122012-178Ace 22010148072Ace of Spades
20122012-179Tuckers Bucker10148203Flying W Bucking Bulls LP
20122012-180Hou What Hou10148204Flying W Bucking Bulls LP
20122012-181Topthorn10148218A & W Bucking Bulls
20122012-182Thug Boss10148219A & W Bucking Bulls
20122012-183Brother Junkie10148222Wolfe Rodeo & Cattle Com
20122012-184CD's Kryptonite10148225CD Bucking Bulls
20122012-185Dunnam 24210148297Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-186Dunnam 24310148298Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-187Dunnam 24410148299Dunnam Bull Company
20122012-188J18910148351Johnson Cattle Co.
20122012-189Little Saint10148515Walnut Creek Bucking Bulls
20122012-190Prephase10148516Walnut Creek Bucking Bulls
20122012-191Slim Cycle10148519Walnut Creek Bucking Bulls
20122012-192Hous Cowpoke10148663Montano Land & Cattle
20122012-193Hous Clock Work10148670Montano Land & Cattle
20122012-194RJS #12510148780Sanders Rocking RJS
20122012-195Bomber B2 Nutt Train10148819M&W Cattle Company
20122012-196Rock em Sock em10148820M&W Cattle Company
20122012-197Ride Me Cheezer10148821M&W Cattle Company
20122012-198Dirty Shane10148901Rocking Star bar Bucking Bulls
20122012-199DM 29210148961Rafter D Cattle Co.
20122012-200DM 29410148963Rafter D Cattle Co.
20122012-201DM 29510148964Rafter D Cattle Co.
20122012-202Copp 2410148986Lightning C Cattle Co.
20122012-203Copp 2710148989Lightning C Cattle Co.
20122012-204Coop 20010148992Lightning C Cattle Co.
20122012-205Copp 20410148996Lightning C Cattle Co.
20122012-206206y BD10149251Braindead Cattle Co
20122012-207207y BD10149252Braindead Cattle Co
20122012-208209y BD10149253Braindead Cattle Co
20122012-209210y BD10149254Braindead Cattle Co
20122012-210211y BD10149255Braindead Cattle Co
20122012-211212y BD10149256Braindead Cattle Co
20122012-212213y BD10149257Braindead Cattle Co
20122012-213214y BD10149258Braindead Cattle Co
20122012-214Wilson 22710149278Hookin "W" Ranch
20122012-215Torres 20810149279Hookin "W" Ranch
20122012-216Torres T210149280Hookin "W" Ranch
20122012-217Frelu10149311Denley Cattle Co.
20122012-218Magic Wishes10149450Sommers Buckin' Bulls
20122012-219JD 27510149558JD-Bar Cattle Co.
20122012-220Juice Spot10149674Breezy Hill Bucking Bulls
20122012-221GDY67810149679Guidry Land & Cattle, Inc.
20122012-222GDY68610149683Guidry Land & Cattle, Inc.
20122012-223GDY69610149685Guidry Land & Cattle, Inc.
20122012-224GDY64810149693Guidry Land & Cattle, Inc.
20122012-225JRB 69010149699JRB Cattle Co.
20122012-226277 Poster Boy10149703T-M Bucking Cattle
20122012-227264 Legit Stuff10149715T-M Bucking Cattle
20122012-228280 Tonka10149716T-M Bucking Cattle
20122012-22921 Happy Jack10145949Faires Bucking Bulls
20122012-230RUJ Pumpjack10149803RUJ Bucking Bulls
20122012-231RUJ Whirlwind10149804RUJ Bucking Bulls
20122012-232RUJ Magic Kat10149805RUJ Bucking Bulls
20122012-233266 Mr. Legit10149824R-J Buckin Bulls
20122012-234Thorsell 31210149835Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20122012-235Thorsell 56X10149836Kaplow
20122012-236Thorsell 75210149837Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20122012-237Thorsell AX10149841Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20122012-238Thorsell 40210149844Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20122012-239Bosque 21210149858Bosque Bucking Bulls
20122012-240Bosque 25210149861Bosque Bucking Bulls
20122012-241Donaho 2110149864Donaho Ranch
20122012-242Willbilly D-Lux101499302J Bucking Bulls
20122012-243Disco Lemonade10149978BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-244Randellakwa10149979BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-245Toby Juan Kenobi10149980BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-246Holes In Happiness10149981BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-247Shoot 2 Thrill10149982BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-248Jump N2 The Fog10149983BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-249Overdrive10149984BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-250Famous Last Words10149985BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-251Jump N2 The Fire10149986BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-252Johnny Heisman10149987BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-253Mr. Pelosi10149988BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-254Tuxedo Express10149989BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-255New Kinda Fear10149990BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-256It's Not Sane10149991BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-257Tea For Two10149992BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-258Express Mail10149993BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-259Broadway Joe10149994BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-260Hey Man Nice Shot10149995BAJA Company Inc.
20122012-261Cabana Boy10150043Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20122012-262RS 120110150124Rock Solid Genetics
20122012-263RS 120210150125Rock Solid Genetics
20122012-2641203 Rocket Man10150126B~B Bucking Bulls
20122012-265RS 120410150127Rock Solid Genetics
20122012-266Real Steel10150185Bar C bucking bulls
20122012-267Onion Breath10150186The Texoma Gang
20122012-268Royal Treatment10150187Circle 13 Ranch
20122012-26907 Bottoms Up10150221Buckin Ranch
20122012-270Ok Corral10150263Montano Land & Cattle
20122012-271Tanners Camo10150267Montano Land & Cattle
20122012-272Super Dave Downed Line10150268Montano Land & Cattle
20122012-273Montano Magic10150276Montano Land & Cattle
20122012-274Cuervo10150277Montano Land & Cattle
20122012-275Donaho 2010150298Donaho Ranch
20122012-276Donaho 2210150299Donaho Ranch
20122012-277Donaho 2310150300Donaho Ranch
20122012-278Donaho 2410150301Donaho Ranch
20122012-279Donaho 2510150302Donaho Ranch
20122012-280Donaho 2610150303Donaho Ranch
20122012-281DAM Y110150327DAM Cattle Co.
20122012-282DAM Y210150328DAM Cattle Co.
20122012-283DAM Y310150329DAM Cattle Co.
20122012-284DAM Y410150330DAM Cattle Co.
20122012-285DAM Y510150331DAM Cattle Co.
20122012-286Asiago 610150468Rafter 11
20122012-287Hargis H610150469Hargis Bucking Bulls
20122012-288Hargis H0110150470Hargis Bucking Bulls
20122012-289Mystikal101505646M Ranch
20122012-290Pedone Ranch 20610150585Pedone Ranch
20122012-291CLS X110150607Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-292CLS X210150608Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-293CLS X310150609Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-294CLS X510150611Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-295CLS X610150612Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-296CLS 21710150613Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-297CLS 2210150614Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-298CLS 21610150615Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-299CLS 24110150617Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-300CLS 2710150618Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-301CLS 21810150619Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-302CLS 21310150620Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-303CLS 26310150628Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20122012-304Tallywacker10150663Petri Cattle Company
20122012-305Castle 23610150667Castle Ranch
20122012-306Castle 22210150670Castle Ranch
20122012-307Castle 20910150673Castle Ranch
20122012-308Castle 22610150674Castle Ranch
20122012-309Castle 22310150675Castle Ranch
20122012-310Castle 23510150677Castle Ranch
20122012-311HPF 125 Skillet10150788High Point Farms Bucking Stock
20122012-312Boyd 74610150834Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-313Boyd 74710150835Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-314Boyd 74810150836Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-315Boyd 74910150837Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-316Boyd 75010150838Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-317Boyd 75110150839Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-318Jack Knife10150840G Bar T Bucking Bulls, LLC.
20122012-319Stack City10150841Warren's Bucking Bulls
20122012-320Boyd 75410150842Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-321Boyd 75510150843Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-322Boyd 75610150844Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-323Boyd 75710150845Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-324Bone Digger10150846Jerrid Geving
20122012-325Boyd 75910150847Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-326Boyd 76010150848Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-327Boyd 76110150849Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-328Boyd 76210150850Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-329Boyd 76310150851Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-330Boyd 76410150852Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-331Boyd 76510150853Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-332Boyd 76610150854Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-333Boyd 76710150855Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-334Boyd 76810150856Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-335Boyd 76910150857Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-336boyd 76910150858Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-337Boyd 77010150859Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-338Boyd 77110150860Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-339Boyd 77210150861Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-340Boyd 77310150862Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-341Boyd 77410150863Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-342Boyd 77510150864Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-343Boyd 77610150865Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-344Boyd 77710150866Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-345Boyd 77810150867Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-346Boyd 77910150868Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-347Boyd 78010150876Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-348Boyd 78110150877Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-349Boyd 78210150878Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-350Boyd 78310150879Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-351Midwest Engine10150880Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-352Boyd 78510150881Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-353boyd 78610150882Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-354Boyd 78610150883Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-355Boyd 78710150884Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-356Boyd 78810150885Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-357Boyd 78910150886Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-358Boyd 79010150887Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-359Boyd 79110150888Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-360Boyd 79210150889Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-361Boyd 79310150890Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-362Boyd 79410150891Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-363Boyd 79510150892Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-364Boyd 79610150893Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-365Boyd 79710150894Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-366Boyd 79810150895Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-367Boyd 79910150896Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-368Boyd 80010150897Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-369Boyd 80110150898Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-370Boyd 80210150899Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-371Boyd 80310150900Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-372Boyd 80410150901Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-373Snicker-Doodle10150902PBR Investments, LLC
20122012-374Boyd 80610150903Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-375Boyd 80710150904Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-376Boyd 80810150905Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-377Boyd 80910150906Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-378Boyd 81010150907Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-379Boyd 81110150908Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-380Boyd 81210150909Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-381Boyd 81310150910Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-382Boyd 81410150911Jefe Livestock LLC
20122012-383TR2110150993Thunder Ridge Farm
20122012-384TR2210150994Thunder Ridge Farm
20122012-385TR23 Bubba10150995Thunder Ridge Farm
20122012-386TR2710150996Thunder Ridge Farm
20122012-387TR2810150997Thunder Ridge Farm
20122012-388WM 1205 George10151115We Milk ''em Cattle Genetics
20122012-389WM 1206 Ben10151116We Milk ''em Cattle Genetics
20122012-390WM 1209 Detonator10151118We Milk ''em Cattle Genetics
20122012-411Calvin 38810151225C Bar Cattle Co
20122012-41226T10151230"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-413X2610151231"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-4142T10151232"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20122012-415Kickn Chicken10151260*
20122012-416Oreo Double Stuff10151261*
20122012-417WM 1210 Dapper Dan10151630We Milk ''em Cattle Genetics
20122012-418Revenger10151686Barnes Bucking Bulls, LLC
20122012-419AV22 Rimfire10151743Ackworth Valley
20122012-420AV62 Step Back Lorretta10151746Ackworth Valley
20122012-421AV102 Good Golly Miss Molly10151750Ackworth Valley
20122012-422AV112 Devil with the Blue Dress10151751Ackworth Valley
20122012-423AV52 Boogie Time10151753Ackworth Valley
20122012-424Bastian 3310151888Rocking Forty-Five Cattle
20122012-425Chalaco 8210151956Chalaco Clark Bucking Bulls
20122012-426Chalaco 211X10151957Chalaco Clark Bucking Bulls
20122012-427Chalaco 28910151958Chalaco Clark Bucking Bulls
20122012-428Chalaco 281010151959Chalaco Clark Bucking Bulls
20122012-429Chalaco 21710151960Chalaco Clark Bucking Bulls
20122012-430B&E 2210152025B&E bucking bulls
20122012-431B&E 21110152026B&E bucking bulls
20122012-432B&E 2610152027B&E bucking bulls
20122012-433B&E 2710152028B&E bucking bulls
20122012-434B&E 2910152029B&E bucking bulls
20122012-435B&E 21210152030B&E bucking bulls
20122012-436B&E 21710152031B&E bucking bulls
20122012-437B&E 21010152032B&E bucking bulls
20122012-438B&E 21410152033B&E bucking bulls
20122012-439B&E 21510152034B&E bucking bulls
20122012-440B&E 2410152035B&E bucking bulls
20122012-441B&E 21610152036B&E bucking bulls
20122012-442TyBo10152038Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20122012-443R932101520499A Ranch
20122012-444White Man10152098Buck'em All Cattle Company
20122012-445KC 02210152114Cox Bucking Bulls
20122012-446KC 62210152117Cox Bucking Bulls
20122012-447Slick Ace10152120Ackerman Stables
20122012-448KC T1210152125Cox Bucking Bulls
20122012-449KC B710152127Cox Bucking Bulls
20122012-450Shakin' the Bush10152128Ackerman Stables
20122012-451KC B210152129Cox Bucking Bulls
20122012-452KC B310152130Cox Bucking Bulls
20122012-453KC 13210152132Cox Bucking Bulls
20122012-454Lipwacker10152135Dozier Cattle Co.
20122012-455201 Yes Dear10152276Zelhart Cattle Co.
20122012-456202 Johnny Footbull10152279Zelhart Cattle Co.
20122012-457205 401k10152282Zelhart Cattle Co.
20122012-458CB-13 Teardrop10152284Championship Bull Co.
20122012-459CB-14 No Dice10152285Championship Bull Co.
20122012-460CB-1810152287Championship Bull Co.
20122012-461Thorsell 621410152540Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20122012-462Creekbend 13T10152541Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20122012-463Superior 20010152644Superior Genetics
20122012-464Superior 20410152647Superior Genetics
20122012-465Superior 20910152651Superior Genetics
20122012-466Superior 21310152653Superior Genetics
20122012-467Superior 21410152654Superior Genetics
20122012-468Superior 22210152660Superior Genetics
20122012-469Superior 22610152661Superior Genetics
20122012-470Superior 22810152662Superior Genetics
20122012-471Superior 23610152668Superior Genetics
20122012-472Superior 25910152682Superior Genetics
20122012-473Super G Whiz10152690Superior Genetics
20122012-474Bull Shock10152692Long Ranch
20122012-475Superior 28910152700Superior Genetics
20122012-476Superior 29810152704Superior Genetics
20122012-477129610152835Miller Farm LLC
20122012-478GCC O631101529373 J Ranch
20122012-479WB 210152954Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20122012-480WB 2010152955Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20122012-481WB 2110152956Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20122012-482WB 2410152959Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20122012-483WB 2510152960Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20122012-484WB 2610152961Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20122012-485WB 2710152962Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20122012-486Stryker10153133Gunn Bucking Bulls
20122012-487132 Wolf Stomper101533164C Ranch
20122012-488202 Grey Bull Wyo101533174C Ranch
20122012-489The Virus10153417Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-490Full Page10153418Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-491Apocalypse10153419Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-492The Patron10153420Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-493HIgh Time - GSR10153421Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-494Private Code10153422Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-495Pancho Pistolas10153423Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-496Snowman - GSR10153424Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-497Pinto Beans10153425Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-498White Crystal10153426Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-499Mexican Contrabando10153427Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-500Crazy Monkey10153428Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-501Hwy 32110153429Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-502The Commando10153430Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-503Red Wine - GSR10153431Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-504The Navy10153432Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-505The Volcan10153433Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-506War Tank10153434Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-507Sanchez Cartel10153435Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-508Hot Fire10153436Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-509The King #110153437Gold Spur Ranch
20122012-510137/2101524252 X 4 Ranch
20122012-51170/2101524282 X 4 Ranch
20122012-51201/2101524342 X 4 Ranch
20122012-51302/2101524352 X 4 Ranch
20122012-51403/2101524362 X 4 Ranch
20122012-515RH 20210153835Holthusen Ranch
20122012-516RH 20310153836Holthusen Ranch
20122012-517RH 20710153840Holthusen Ranch
20122012-518Brushwacker10154033Ricky Carpenter
20122012-519G&S Bucking Machine10154034Ricky Carpenter
20122012-520Trouble Expected10154041C/H Cutting Horses
20122012-521Bells Bully10154042C/H Cutting Horses
20122012-522CH12-610154043C/H Cutting Horses
20122012-523BJ121610154064B Bar J Ranch
20122012-524BJ120410154065B Bar J Ranch
20122012-525BJ120210154066B Bar J Ranch
20122012-526BJ120810154069B Bar J Ranch
20122012-527BJ121010154071B Bar J Ranch
20122012-528BJ121210154073B Bar J Ranch
20122012-529-F 204410154084Bar F Rodeo Genetics
20122012-530Dog Ears10154092Leitch Cattle Company
20122012-531V 25/110154106Wilson / Foutch
20122012-532V 25/210154107Wilson / Foutch
20122012-533JH 210710154111Hudgins
20122012-534Davis Rodeo 25610154127Davis Rodeo Ranch
20122012-535SSR 00810154153Sycamore Springs Ranch
20122012-536SSR 01110154156Sycamore Springs Ranch
20122012-537BH 23510154159Rocking 3P Cattle Co.
20122012-538717/210154176Twin Mountain Ranch
20122012-539109/210154177Twin Mountain Ranch
20122012-5400111/210154178Twin Mountain Ranch
20122012-542MM0710154400Rockin'' J Bucking Bulls
20122012-543Davis Rodeo 2X1210154473Davis Rodeo Ranch
20122012-544HS K 2110154476Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20122012-545HS 20 X10154477Ronnie Chism Farm & Ranch
20122012-546HS 21 X10154478Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20122012-547Dunnam/Adams 21810154482Adams Cattle Company
20122012-548Davis Rodeo 2X110154552Davis Rodeo Ranch
20122012-549Davis Rodeo 2X210154553Davis Rodeo Ranch
20122012-550Davis Rodeo 2X310154554Turner Livestock
20122012-551Davis Rodeo 2X410154555Davis Rodeo Ranch
20122012-552South Western Trucking10154557Davis Rodeo Ranch
20122012-553121 Natural Disaster10154588Half Circle B Bucking Stock
20122012-554B122101545892W Bucking Bulls
20122012-555MC1214 Black Magic10155843Rockin U Buckin Bulls
20122012-55622 Rastus10156054JODY MATASKA
20122012-557Fossen X1110156790Flying T
20132013-001Lupo101560247 Wheel Ranch
20132013-002Romans 32810156419Sneakin' "W"
20132013-003Brewer 5210156423Bayou State Buckers
20132013-004Sneakin 3110156426Sneakin' "W"
20132013-005Sneakin 32310156582Sneakin' "W"
20132013-006Little Red Gremlin10156644Candy Cane Quarter Horses
20132013-007Coyote Jr.10156645Candy Cane Quarter Horses
20132013-008SC 3410156889Sun Country Bucking Bulls
20132013-009DG 2210156898Griego Cattle Co.
20132013-010Spooky Houdini10157030San Isidro Ranch
20132013-011Creek H210157034Creek Ranch
20132013-012Smokie Days10157126Rickels
20132013-013The Sky's the Limit10157309G-Bar Ranch
20132013-014What A Journey10157312G-Bar Ranch
20132013-015Hot Red Mess10157313G-Bar Ranch
20132013-016Cracker Jax10157530D&E Enterprise
20132013-017Pacific Bell Rocker10157932R&L Qualls Bucking Bovine Genetics
20132013-018Proctor Rocker10157934R&L Qualls Bucking Bovine Genetics
20132013-019Bushwacker's Big Tex10157937K Bar C
20132013-020Benelli10158010Jennings Cattle Company
20132013-021A5010158361McGuire Cattle Company
20132013-025TLW 31010158506TLW Bucking Bulls
20132013-026TLW 34110158507TLW Bucking Bulls
20132013-027TLW 39410158508TLW Bucking Bulls
20132013-028DKS 37010158724Simmons Bucking Horses / David and Kathleen Simmons
20132013-029Wing-Nut10158954Hookin S
20132013-030SB 773 Wayward Son10158980Mayhem Bulls
20132013-031MB 713 Jayhawk10158983Mayhem Bulls
20132013-032383 Hooper10159018Spud Ault/Clint Knoblett
20132013-033Smokey X10159049Crooked T Ranch
20132013-0342nd to None10158403SPG
20132013-035Scrapy Joe10158406SPG
20132013-036Red River Tornado10158405SPG
20132013-037Deuces10159055High Point Farms Bucking Stock
20132013-038Pacific Red10159098R&L Qualls Bucking Bovine Genetics
20132013-039Red Bull Rocker10159099R&L Qualls Bucking Bovine Genetics
20132013-040Stair Jumper10159100R&L Qualls Bucking Bovine Genetics
20132013-041MX3 The Man Cow10159190MX3 Cattle
20132013-042W93110159213Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-043BCC2610159214Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-044BCC3210159215Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-045BCC3010159216Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-046BCC3410159217Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-047BCC2810159218Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-048BCC3310159219Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-049BCC3610159220Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-050BCC3510159221Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-051BCC2910159222Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-052BCC2310159223Burkhardt Cattle Co.
20132013-053318/c101592482 K
20132013-054MB 37910159249"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-055MB 37110159250"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-056MB 35810159251"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-057MB 36010159252"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-058MB 38410159253"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-059MB 37810159256"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-060MB 32810159258"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-061MB 32310159259"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-062MB 38010159261"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-063MB 37310159262"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-064MB 36310159263"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-065MB 30310159311"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-066MB 30610159313"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-067MB 32010159314"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-068MB 37710159315"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-069MB 3-10159316"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-070MB 3X10159317"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-071Buddy Luv10159328Jerry Tuttle Bucking Bulls
20132013-072Flying B 30410159406Flying B Bucking Bulls
20132013-073Flying B 31110159408Flying B Bucking Bulls
20132013-074BB39210159417Barker Bulls
20132013-075MB 39910159480"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-076KS 3010159481ks bucking bulls
20132013-077Kitchen Aid10159482ks bucking bulls
20132013-078KS 3210159483ks bucking bulls
20132013-079KS 3310159484ks bucking bulls
20132013-080Rafter Y #38810159487Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20132013-081Rafter Y #39010159488Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20132013-082Rafter Y #33210159490Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20132013-083Rafter Y #35810159492Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20132013-084Rafter Y #34610159493Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20132013-085Rafter Y #39810159494Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20132013-086Dragon Style10159518Hookin "W" Ranch
20132013-087Gratny 817-310159723Richard & Dusten Gratny
20132013-088Gratny 931-3 Rail Head10159734Richard & Dusten Gratny
20132013-089MB 3 K10159775"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20132013-090Pyle 3410159776Eastview Ranch
20132013-091Pyle 33310159777Eastview Ranch
20132013-092Pyle 33110159778Eastview Ranch
20132013-093Pyle 3110159779Eastview Ranch
20132013-094Pyle 3510159780Eastview Ranch
20132013-095Pyle 3210159782Eastview Ranch
20132013-096Pyle 3310159783Eastview Ranch
20132013-097Magnum Force10159829M Bar D Horse Cattle Company
20132013-098Million Dollar Baby10159830M Bar D Horse Cattle Company
20132013-099Trouble With Curve10159831M Bar D Horse Cattle Company
20132013-100Candy Spooky10159832M Bar D Horse Cattle Company
20132013-101Hou's Pepper10159952Meek Bucking Bulls
20132013-102SH13110159961Soggy Hill Cattle Co.
20132013-103SH33310159963Soggy Hill Cattle Co.
20132013-104P-30610159984Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20132013-105P-30710159985Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20132013-106P-310X10159988Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20132013-107P-31110159989Rockin Rafter P Bucking Bulls
20132013-108HS 31X10160040Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20132013-109HS 30X10160041Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20132013-110HS 32X10160042Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20132013-111HS 33X10160043Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20132013-112HS 34X10160044Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20132013-113HS 35X10160045Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20132013-114Wild Willie10160076Rampage Cattle Co.
20132013-115Rafter M 33810160185Rafter M Ranch
20132013-116Corrigan 3310160193Corrigan Ranch
20132013-117Dow 30110160308Dow Bucking Bulls
20132013-118JB 35410160316J/B Bucking Bulls
20132013-119JB 4410160317J/B Bucking Bulls
20132013-120Brushy Bill10160585Crider Livestock
20132013-121Wingnut 32410160587Crider Livestock
20132013-122Slippery Pete10160583Crider Livestock
20132013-123Slamdunk10160584Crider Livestock
20132013-124Superior 30310160604Superior Genetics
20132013-125Superior 30410160605Superior Genetics
20132013-126Superior 30510160606Superior Genetics
20132013-127Superior 30710160607Superior Genetics
20132013-128Superior 31110160608Superior Genetics
20132013-129Superior 31310160609Superior Genetics
20132013-130Superior 31510160610Superior Genetics
20132013-131Superior 33110160613Superior Genetics
20132013-132Superior 34010160615Superior Genetics
20132013-133Superior 34210160616Superior Genetics
20132013-134Superior 34610160617Superior Genetics
20132013-135Superior 34710160618Superior Genetics
20132013-136Superior 36310160620Superior Genetics
20132013-137Superior 36510160621Superior Genetics
20132013-138Superior 36710160622Superior Genetics
20132013-139Superior 37310160625Superior Genetics
20132013-140Superior 37910160627Superior Genetics
20132013-141Superior 38110160629Superior Genetics
20132013-142Superior 39010160632Superior Genetics
20132013-143Superior 39610160633Superior Genetics
20132013-144I'll be Damn10160645Rafter Five Q Cattle Co.
20132013-145Fredd10160707D-C Ranch
20132013-146BS 61310160801Black Schroeder Bucking Bulls
20132013-147Thorsell 563T10160943Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20132013-148Creekbend 56T10160948Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20132013-149Creekbend 133T10160952Creek Bend Bucking Bulls
20132013-150Marbery 13810161012Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-151Marbery 13110161013Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-152Marbery 13510161014Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-153Marbery 13710161016Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-154Marbery 13010161018Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-155Marbery 13410161021Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-156Marbery 13610161023Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-157Marbery 1310161024Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-158Marbery -1310161025Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-159Marbery 13x10161028Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-160Marbery xx1310161031Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-161Marbery 13210161032Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-162Marbery 13310161034Jason Marbery Bucking Bulls
20132013-163CS 35710161084CS Land & Cattle
20132013-164CS 35910161085CS Land & Cattle
20132013-165MC 25310161118*McCracken Bull Company
20132013-166CD's Forward Motion10159240CD Bucking Bulls
20132013-167LS 37010161172Long Shot Bucking Bulls
20132013-168Aduddell 130310161243Jason Aduddell Rodeo Bulls
20132013-169Aduddell 130410161244Jason Aduddell Rodeo Bulls
20132013-170Aduddell 130710161245Jason Aduddell Rodeo Bulls
20132013-171Aduddell 130810161246Jason Aduddell Rodeo Bulls
20132013-172Aduddell 131310161247Jason Aduddell Rodeo Bulls
20132013-173Fools Paradise10161503BAJA Company Inc.
20132013-174High Top Fade10161504BAJA Company Inc.
20132013-175Sagarmatha10161505BAJA Company Inc.
20132013-176Same Old Fear10161506BAJA Company Inc.
20132013-177Disco Double Suede10161507BAJA Company Inc.
20132013-178Lead Role10161508BAJA Company Inc.
20132013-179Psychedelic Fur10161509BAJA Company Inc.
20132013-180The Departed10161510BAJA Company Inc.
20132013-181The Wicked10161511BAJA Company Inc.
20132013-182Copp 3010161610Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-183Copp 3110161611Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-184Copp 3210161612Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-185Copp 3410161614Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-186Copp 3610161616Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-187Copp 3710161617Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-188Copp 30110161620Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-189Copp 30210161621Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-190Copp 30310161622Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-191Copp 30610161625Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-192Copp 30710161633Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-193Copp 30810161634Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-194Copp 30910161635Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-195Copp 31010161636Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-196Copp 31110161637Lightning C Cattle Co.
20132013-197W5-32010161654W5 Cattle
20132013-1983W310161655W5 Cattle
20132013-1993W410161656W5 Cattle
20132013-2003W210161657W5 Cattle
20132013-2013W010161658W5 Cattle
20132013-2023W110161659W5 Cattle
20132013-2033W910161662W5 Cattle
20132013-2043W510161663W5 Cattle
20132013-205No Utter10161680Circle 13 Ranch
20132013-206All Mine10161679Circle 13 Ranch
20132013-207CLS 32410161707Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-208CLS 31610161709Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-209CLS 3110161711Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-210CLS 33510161713Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-211CLS 3610161716Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-212CLS 31010161717Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-213CLS 36410161718Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-214CLS 32310161719Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-215CLS 32710161720Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-216CLS 32810161721Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-217CLS 33610161723Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-218CLS 32610161725Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-219CLS 34510161726Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-220CLS X710161728Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-221CLS X810161729Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-222CLS X910161730Cross Lazy S Bucking Bulls
20132013-223Dip This10161754Walnut Creek Bucking Bulls
20132013-224Fool's Chance10161777Sommers Buckin' Bulls
20132013-225Slim Pickins'10161778Sommers Buckin' Bulls
20132013-226Pup10161782RT Farms
20132013-227Let It Rip10161783RT Farms
20132013-228Spy Jacket10161784RT Farms
20132013-229Go Cat Go10161785RT Farms
20132013-230RT The Natural10161786RT Farms
20132013-231All Challengers10161787RT Farms
20132013-232Momma's Gone10161788RT Farms
20132013-233RT 33910161789RT Farms
20132013-234RT 34310161790RT Farms
20132013-235RT 34010161791RT Farms
20132013-236RT 34510161792RT Farms
20132013-237RT 83210161793RT Farms
20132013-238RT 30410161794RT Farms
20132013-239RT 19310161795RT Farms
20132013-240RT 39410161796RT Farms
20132013-241RT 36910161797RT Farms
20132013-242RT 32410161798RT Farms
20132013-243RT 32010161799RT Farms
20132013-244RT 34610161800RT Farms
20132013-245Cornbread Slim10161801RT Farms
20132013-246RR 33110161803RT Farms
20132013-247RR 31710161804RT Farms
20132013-248RR 30910161805RT Farms
20132013-249Page 55A10157154RT Farms
20132013-250Page 44A10157170RT Farms
20132013-251Midnight Toon10159534RT Farms
20132013-252Race Horse10161806J.F. Bucker's
20132013-253GDY71310161846Guidry Land & Cattle, Inc.
20132013-254BC31310161926BearClaw Bucking Bulls
20132013-255BC32310161927BearClaw Bucking Bulls
20132013-256SB 733 Colonel Clancey101619563CM Cattle Co. LLC
20132013-257SB 923 Neon Banjo101619443CM Cattle Co. LLC
20132013-258SB 173 Sundance Water101619343CM Cattle Co. LLC
20132013-259SB 763 Navion10161938Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20132013-260SB 7673 Berry's Paintbrush10161951Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20132013-261SB 783 Kit Fox10161961Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20132013-262SB 263 Major Cha Ching10161936Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20132013-263SB 993 Neon Fiddle101619493CM Cattle Co. LLC
20132013-264SB 813 Spunky10161939Wilson Bucking Bulls
20132013-265SB 7633 Red Solo Cup10161955Wilson Bucking Bulls
20132013-266SB 1173 Shiloh Water10161963Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20132013-267SB 143 All Nite10161948Turner Livestock
20132013-268SB 723 Red Bone10161959Turner Livestock
20132013-269Si Jack'D10161964Faires Bucking Bulls
20132013-270Washita Jack10161965Faires Bucking Bulls
20132013-271GINGER SNAP!10161972Lazy E Bucking Bulls
20132013-272JQH 30310161991JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-273JQH 30510161992JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-274JQH 31210161995JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-275JQH 31310161996JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-276JQH 31410161997JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-277JQH 31510161998JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-278JQH 31810162001JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-279JQH 31910162002JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-280JQH 32310162005JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-281JQH 32410162006JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-282JQH 32510162007JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-283JQH 32810162010JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-284JQH 32910162011JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-285JQH 33110162012JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-286JQH 33410162014JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-287JQH 33610162016JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-288JQH 32710162018JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-289JQH 33910162019JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-290JQH 34210162021JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-291JQH 34510162022JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-292JQH 34810162024JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-293JQH 35110162025JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-294JQH 34910162027JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-295SJ 32510162028JQH Bucking Bulls
20132013-296JD-39910162103JD-Bar Cattle Co.
20132013-297Oscar Mike101621072J Bucking Bulls
20132013-298RS710162110Rock Solid Genetics
20132013-299RS810162111Rock Solid Genetics
20132013-300RS910162112Rock Solid Genetics
20132013-301LD Tang10162123Dismukes Bucking Stock
20132013-302LD Joshua10162124Dismukes Bucking Stock
20132013-303Duece Bigalow10162127Dismukes Bucking Stock
20132013-304Donaho 3010162358Donaho Ranch
20132013-305Donaho 3110162359Donaho Ranch
20132013-306Donaho 3210162360Donaho Ranch
20132013-307Donaho 3310162361Donaho Ranch
20132013-308Donaho 3410162362Donaho Ranch
20132013-309Donaho 3510162363Donaho Ranch
20132013-310Donaho 3610162364Donaho Ranch
20132013-311Dunnam 30210157316Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-312Dunnam 30310157317Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-313Dunnam 30410157318Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-314Dunnam 30510157319Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-315Dunnam 30610157320Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-316Dunnam 30710157321Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-317Dunnam 31110157322Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-318Dunnam 31310157323Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-319Dunnam 31410157324Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-320Dunnam 31510157325Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-321Dunnam 31910157326Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-322Dunnam 32010157327Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-323Dunnam 32110157328Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-324Dunnam 32410157329Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-325Dunnam 32610157330Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-326Kung Fu Slinger10157332MT Bucking Bulls
20132013-327Dunnam 33110157333Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-328NIP 33310157334NIP Ranch
20132013-329Dunnam 33610157335Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-330DAM Z110162433DAM Cattle Co.
20132013-331DAM Z210162434DAM Cattle Co.
20132013-332DAM Z310162435DAM Cattle Co.
20132013-333DAM Z410162436DAM Cattle Co.
20132013-334DAM Z510162437DAM Cattle Co.
20132013-335DAM Z610162438DAM Cattle Co.
20132013-336DAM Z710162439DAM Cattle Co.
20132013-337Lights Out 6310162485J & L Bucking Bulls
20132013-338Bad to the Bone 6210162484J & L Bucking Bulls
20132013-339The Goat10162486J & L Bucking Bulls
20132013-340Dirty White Boy H3210162508Wayne Hodges Ranch
20132013-341RUJ Noah10162525RUJ Bucking Bulls
20132013-342RUJ Nebuchadnezzar10162526RUJ Bucking Bulls
20132013-343Blackmark 39510158603StayHooked Cattle Co
20132013-344Davis Rodeo 35710162664Davis Rodeo Ranch
20132013-345Davis Rodeo 3X710162667Davis Rodeo Ranch
20132013-346Davis Rodeo 32010162670Davis Rodeo Ranch
20132013-347Davis Rodeo 3X110162671Davis Rodeo Ranch
20132013-348Flying B 31310162723Flying B Bucking Bulls
20132013-349Mataska 33210162758JODY MATASKA
20132013-350Shot Of Crown10162788J-M Bucking Bulls
20132013-351Hang Over10162789J-M Bucking Bulls
20132013-352Doing Time10162790J-M Bucking Bulls
20132013-353Vegas Nights10162869-D- Bucking Bulls
20132013-354Piece Out10162870-D- Bucking Bulls
20132013-355Rafter C 60510162900Rafter C
20132013-356Rafter C 60610162902Rafter C
20132013-357Rafter C 60710162903Rafter C
20132013-358Rafter C 60410162904Rafter C
20132013-359Rafter C 60910162905Rafter C
20132013-360Rafter C 60210162906Rafter C
20132013-361Floyd 35810162918Floyd Performance Stock
20132013-362Floyd 31710162923Floyd Performance Stock
20132013-363Donaho 13010163221Donaho Ranch
20132013-364Rafter O 30710163677Rafter O Bucking Stock
20132013-365Rafter O 39510163681Rafter O Bucking Stock
20132013-366Rafter O 313 Mommas Kid10163683Rafter O Bucking Stock
20132013-367Rafter O 31010163685Rafter O Bucking Stock
20132013-368J131 Snake Eyes10163705Rafter J Cattle Company
20132013-369Studio 1010163799Fletcher Bucking Bulls
20132013-370Motley Crude10163800Fletcher Bucking Bulls
20132013-371TCB U5310163853TCB Ranch, LLC
20132013-372TCB 61310163854TCB Ranch, LLC
20132013-373TCB 10310163855TCB Ranch, LLC
20132013-374Mc28310163864McCracken Bull Company
20132013-375Mc14310163865McCracken Bull Company
20132013-376Mc86310163866McCracken Bull Company
20132013-377Mc15310163867McCracken Bull Company
20132013-378Mc74310163868McCracken Bull Company
20132013-379Mc12310163869McCracken Bull Company
20132013-380J&A 03310163922J & A Bucking Bulls
20132013-381J&A 06310163923J & A Bucking Bulls
20132013-382Hell 'n High Water10164142Rocking Forty-Five Cattle
20132013-383Bastian 4510164147Rocking Forty-Five Cattle
20132013-384Shy's Sugar Bear10164266Bar C Cattle
20132013-385Hou Bad10164292J.F. Bucker's
20132013-387TR3210164581Thunder Ridge Farm
20132013-388TR3310164582Thunder Ridge Farm
20132013-389TR3410164583Thunder Ridge Farm
20132013-390TR3710164585Thunder Ridge Farm
20132013-391Cocky Bull 2510164750Cocky Bull Ranch & Rodeo Co. LLC.
20132013-392Dunnam 34110164798Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-393Dunnam 34310164799Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-394Dunnam 34410164800Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-395Dunnam 34510164801Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-396Dunnam 34610164802Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-397Dunnam 34710164803Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-398Dunnam 34810164804Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-399Dunnam 36410164805Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-400Dunnam 36710164806Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-401Dunnam 37510164807Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-402Dunnam 38110164808Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-403Dunnam 39710164809Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-404Dunnam 33910164810Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-405Dunnam 34010164811Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-406Dunnam 39310164812Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-407Dunnam 31710164813Dunnam Bull Company
20132013-408462 Two Thumbs Up10164835Don Brown Bucking Bulls
20132013-409Moody-Rice 36610164934Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-410Moody-Rice 34010164935Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-411Moody-Rice 39410164936Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-412Moody-Rice 39110164939Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-413Moody-Rice 31910164940Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-414Moody-Rice 39510164941Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-415Moody-Rice 36010164942Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-416Moody-Rice 30410164945Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-417Moody-Rice 30210164947Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-418Moody-Rice 31710164948Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-419Moody-Rice 33310164949Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-420Moody-Rice 32810164950Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-421Moody-Rice 32310164951Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-422Moody-Rice 32410164955Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-423Moody-Rice 30610164957Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-424Moody-Rice 34310164958Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-425Moody-Rice 34110164963Moody-Rice Cattle Co.
20132013-426KC B810165042Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-427KC 57310165043Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-428KC47310165044Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-429KC39310165045Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-430KC71310165046Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-431KC66310165047Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-432Kc75310165048Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-433KC81310165049Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-434KCT1310165050Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-435KC50310165051Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-436KC11310165052Cox Bucking Bulls
20132013-437SIR 35110165628n/a
20132013-438SIR 35010165629n/a
20132013-439Sirridge #4810165630n/a
20132013-440Little Juicy Hot10165690SAW Ranch
20132013-441Saw 30210165691SAW Ranch
20132013-442Hawaiian Star10165692SAW Ranch
20132013-443Hawaiian John10165693SAW Ranch
20132013-444Hawaiian Ghost10165697SAW Ranch
20132013-445Castle 37010165727Castle Ranch
20132013-446Castle 31610165728Castle Ranch
20132013-447Castle 33510165729Castle Ranch
20132013-448Castle 32210165730Castle Ranch
20132013-449Castle 31910165731Castle Ranch
20132013-450Castle 30910165732Castle Ranch
20132013-451AV23 Rock-it Man10166107Ackworth Valley
20132013-452AV3310166108Ackworth Valley
20132013-453AV83 Black Paint10166113Ackworth Valley
20132013-454AV103 Smiley10166115Ackworth Valley
20132013-455AV11310166116Ackworth Valley
20132013-456Ace 30610166123Ace of Spades
20132013-457Ace 30810166125Ace of Spades
20132013-458Ace 31010166127Ace of Spades
20132013-459Ace 31110166128Ace of Spades
20132013-460Ace 31310166130Ace of Spades
20132013-461Ace 31510166132Ace of Spades
20132013-462Ace 31610166133Ace of Spades
20132013-463Ace 32210166138Ace of Spades
20132013-464Loggin' Air Time10166139Canyon Oaks Farms
20132013-465Ace 32410166140Ace of Spades
20132013-466Ace 32610166142Ace of Spades
20132013-467Ace 33010166145Ace of Spades
20132013-468Ace 33210166147Ace of Spades
20132013-469Lever10166190S & P Cattle
20132013-470Barroom to Bedrooms10166193S & P Cattle
20132013-471Little Travis10166234Turkey Crossing Farms
20132013-472Even Stephen10166235Turkey Crossing Farms
20132013-473Little Anthony10166236Turkey Crossing Farms
20132013-474Volcano10166237Turkey Crossing Farms
20132013-475Dammit Babe10166238Turkey Crossing Farms
20132013-476Three Sheets10166239Turkey Crossing Farms
20132013-477Traildust10166240Turkey Crossing Farms
20132013-478Bluebird Wine 30110166247Zelhart Cattle Co.
20132013-479Linebacker 30210166248Zelhart Cattle Co.
20132013-480Hold On, Watch This 30410166250Zelhart Cattle Co.
20132013-481306 Zelhart10166252Zelhart Cattle Co.
20132013-482Rip Tide 30710166253Zelhart Cattle Co.
20132013-483Haymaker 31610166257Zelhart Cattle Co.
20132013-484317 Zelhart10166258Zelhart Cattle Co.
20132013-485318 Zelhart10166259Zelhart Cattle Co.
20132013-486Ghost Rider 31910166260Zelhart Cattle Co.
20132013-487Byars 38210166305Byars Ranch
20132013-488Byars 39710166306Byars Ranch
20132013-489H Six 3110166467Poca Monta Cattle, INC.
20132013-490H Six 3210166468Poca Monta Cattle, INC.
20132013-491Forest Gump10166532Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-492WB 3010166533Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-493WB 3110166534Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-494WB 3210166535Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-495JD Crazy10166536Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-496Happy Crazy10166537Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-497Cleo's Kat10166538Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-498WB 3610166539Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-499WB 3710166540Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-500WB 3810166541Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-501WB 3910166542Wade & Cleo Barry Ranch
20132013-502Bullrito10166549Dozier Cattle Co.
20132013-503Have A Party10166550Dozier Cattle Co.
20132013-504Let's Party10166551Dozier Cattle Co.
20132013-505Dozier 3710166552Dozier Cattle Co.
20132013-506Dozier 3910166553Dozier Cattle Co.
20132013-507Dozier 31110166554Dozier Cattle Co.
20132013-508Dozier 31310166555Dozier Cattle Co.
20132013-509Dozier 31510166556Dozier Cattle Co.
20132013-510Dozier 31710166557Dozier Cattle Co.
20132013-511Dozier 31910166558Dozier Cattle Co.
20132013-512Rodeo Buckle10166591Woodstock Ranch
20132013-513Buckle Buddy 210166592Woodstock Ranch
20132013-514Kelly B Bad10166593Woodstock Ranch
20132013-515See Jane Buck10166594Woodstock Ranch
20132013-516U Haul Paul10166595Woodstock Ranch
20132013-517Bailey Bucks10166596Woodstock Ranch
20132013-518Jane's Bad Bucker10166597Woodstock Ranch
20132013-519Micah Likes It10166598Woodstock Ranch
20132013-520LeeBo10166599Woodstock Ranch
20132013-521TNT 315310166642Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-522TNT 353010166643Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-523TNT 314010166644Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-524TNT N312410166645Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-525TNT 36610166646Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-526TNT 741510166647Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-527TLT 31210166648Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-528TNT 311310166649Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-529TNT 38110166650Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-530TNT 314610166651Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-531TNT 315010166652Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-532TNT 315610166653Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-533TNT N39410166654Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-534TNT 355510166655Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-535TNT 313910166656Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-536TNT 35310166657Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-537TLT 31310166658Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-538TNT 311410166659Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-539TNT 34110166660Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-540TNT 316310166661Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-541TNT N38010166662Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-542TNT -39410166663Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-543TNT 314210166664Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-544TNT 31410166665Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-545TNT -31610166666Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-546TNT N31610166667Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-547TNT 31810166668Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-548TNT 312810166669Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-549TNT 30210166670Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-550TNT 313610166671Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-551TNT 35910166672Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-552TNT 3310166673Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-553TNT N39910166674Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-554TNT -39810166675Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-555TNT 36710166676Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-556TNT 37910166677Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-557TLT 32710166678Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-558TNT 39410166679Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-559TNT 38610166680Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-560TNT -3810166681Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-561TLT 3610166682Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-562TNT 341610166683Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-563TNT 31110166684Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-564TNT N37910166685Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-565TNT 314710166686Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-566TLT 31010166687Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-567TNT 318310166688Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-568TNT 34010166689Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-569TNT N398010166690Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-570TNT N312410166691Selman & Terrell LLC
20132013-571RAD3210166701Infinity Cattle Co.
20132013-572QZ6610166702Infinity Cattle Co.
20132013-573QZ6810166703Infinity Cattle Co.
20132013-574TLB 132610166704Infinity Cattle Co.
20132013-575RAD29610166705Infinity Cattle Co.
20132013-576Black Ninja10166748On The Move Rodeo Stock
20132013-577Neon Deion10166749On The Move Rodeo Stock
20132013-578Slim Eminem Shady10166751On The Move Rodeo Stock
20132013-579Fox Mtn. 66310166760Fox Moutain Cattle Co.
20132013-580Piggie Bank10167009Pey Cash Katz Rodeo Genetics
20132013-581No Apologies10167010Pey Cash Katz Rodeo Genetics
20132013-582Epic10167011Pey Cash Katz Rodeo Genetics
20132013-584RJS 360A10167174Sanders Rocking RJS
20132013-585301a BD10167176Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-586302a BD10167177Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-587303a BD10167178Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-588305a BD10167180Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-589309 BD10167184Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-590314a BD10167189Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-591316a BD10167191Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-592317a BD10167192Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-593318a BD10167193Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-594320a BD10167195Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-595321a BD10167196Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-596325a BD10167200Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-597A328 BD10167203Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-598330a BD10167205Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-599Page A332 BD10167207Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-600Page A333 BD10167208Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-601Page A334 BD10167209Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-602Page A335 BD10167210Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-603Page A336 BD10167211Braindead Cattle Co
20132013-604Owens 310167256Owens Cattle
20132013-605Owens 136710167258Owens Cattle
20132013-606JM 3-91110167277McKay Bucking Bulls LLC.
20132013-607V-S 31410167295Beck's Bucking Bull Ranch
20132013-608LS 3310157427Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics
20132013-609LS 305W10157432Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics
20132013-610LS 32510157435Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics
20132013-611LS 33010157436Lone Star Bucking Bull Genetics
20132013-612S&S 316 Pump Jack10167533S&S Bucking Bulls
20132013-613S&S 330 Draw Works10167531S&S Bucking Bulls
20132013-614S&S 373 Detonation10167532S&S Bucking Bulls
20132013-615Willie Jack10168345Up North Cattle
20132013-616Lucky 75410168347Up North Cattle
20142014-001Page 400010168174D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-002Page 400110168175D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-003Page 400210168176D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-004Page 400310168177D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-005Page 400410168178D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-006Page 400510168179D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-007Page 400610168180D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-008Page 400710168181D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-009Page 400810168182D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-010Page 400910168183D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-011HS 40X10168185Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20142014-012Symons 430510168764Symons Bucking Bulls
20142014-013Hargis C1410168794Hargis Bucking Bulls
20142014-014Hargis C6210168795Hargis Bucking Bulls
20142014-015Hargis C5810168796Hargis Bucking Bulls
20142014-016Bushranger10169078Shadow Ridge Ranch
20142014-017FF4810169267Fletcher Bucking Bulls
20142014-018FF5210169270Fletcher Bucking Bulls
20142014-0194W110169339W5 Cattle
20142014-0204W210169340W5 Cattle
20142014-0214W310169341W5 Cattle
20142014-0224W410169342W5 Cattle
20142014-0234W510169343W5 Cattle
20142014-0244W610169344W5 Cattle
20142014-025Page 98B10169489D&H/Flinn
20142014-026HS 41X10169565Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20142014-027HS 42X10169566Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20142014-028HS 43X10169567Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20142014-029HS 44X10169568Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20142014-030HS 45X10169569Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20142014-031HS 46X10169570Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20142014-032HS/LW X4710169571Hayden Shaw Bucking Bulls
20142014-033Lil Dirty10169592Gallagher Cattle Company
20142014-034Big Bucks Cooper10169734Ricky Carpenter
20142014-035MB 41210169741"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20142014-036MB43110169742"Mo" Betta Bull Co
20142014-037C'est La Vie10169798Rampage Cattle Co.
20142014-038Mc 110169878McIntosh Farms
20142014-039PAGE 01B10169883Rocking P Ranch
20142014-040PAGE 76B10169884Rocking P Ranch
20142014-041PAGE 91B10169885Rocking P Ranch
20142014-042PAGE 80B10169886Rocking P Ranch
20142014-043PAGE 430B10169887Rocking P Ranch
20142014-044PAGE 41B10169888Rocking P Ranch
20142014-045PAGE 401B10169889Rocking P Ranch
20142014-046PAGE 74B10169890Rocking P Ranch
20142014-047PAGE 29B10169891D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-048PAGE 3B10169892D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-049PAGE 24B10169893D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-050PAGE 481B10169894D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-051PAGE 5B10169895D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-052PAGE 04B10169896D&H Cattle & Land Co. Inc
20142014-053Page B510169897Rocking P Ranch
20142014-054Page B1310169898Rocking P Ranch
20142014-055Page B1410169899Rocking P Ranch
20142014-056Page B210169900Rocking P Ranch
20142014-057Mayhem 40210169984Mayhem Cattle Co./Lazy H Ranch
20142014-058Mayhem 40310169985Mayhem Cattle Co./Lazy H Ranch
20142014-059Mayhem 40410169986Mayhem Cattle Co./Lazy H Ranch
20142014-060Mayhem 40510169987Mayhem Cattle Co./Lazy H Ranch
20142014-061Mayhem 40710169989Mayhem Cattle Co./Lazy H Ranch
20142014-062Mayhem 40810169990Mayhem Cattle Co./Lazy H Ranch
20142014-063Mayhem 40910169991Mayhem Cattle Co./Lazy H Ranch
20142014-064Mayhem 41210169994Mayhem Cattle Co./Lazy H Ranch
20142014-065Mayhem 41410169995Mayhem Cattle Co./Lazy H Ranch
20142014-066Mayhem 41610169997Mayhem Cattle Co./Lazy H Ranch
20142014-067Rocco 43410170041Barnes Bucking Bulls, LLC
20142014-068Frosty 45410170042Barnes Bucking Bulls, LLC
20142014-069S&S 47310170066S&S Bucking Bulls
20142014-070S&S 47810170068S&S Bucking Bulls
20142014-071S&S 455610170067S&S Bucking Bulls
20142014-072402 Snot Slinger10170094Jennings Cattle Company
20142014-073403 Booger Flinger10170095Jennings Cattle Company
20142014-074GDY 77610170097Turner Livestock
20142014-075Disco Wreck10170113Wilson Bucking Bulls
20142014-076Gentleman John10170308J-M Bucking Bulls
20142014-077Playing With Guns10170309J-M Bucking Bulls
20142014-078Cinnamon's Blend10170310J-M Bucking Bulls
20142014-079Pooch10170338J-M Bucking Bulls
20142014-080Tyler's Ghost10170339J-M Bucking Bulls
20142014-081Margarita's Mayhem10170369Rampage Cattle Co.
20142014-082Hue's Slick10170375Buckin Ranch
20142014-083Ramanater10170376Buckin Ranch
20142014-084Rossco10170414Tate's Teetern Bulls
20142014-085Little Foot10170416Tate's Teetern Bulls
20142014-086Marshmallow10170417Tate's Teetern Bulls
20142014-087Vinnie10170419Barnes Bucking Bulls, LLC
20142014-088CRK Wilbur10170525CRK Bucking Stock
20142014-089SB 194 Rio10170560Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20142014-090SB 704 Fremont Street10170562Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20142014-091SB 734 Santa Fe Street10170558Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20142014-092SB 714 Cimarron Street10170561Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20142014-093SB 774 La Doux Street10170565Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20142014-094BC 4210170700Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-095BC4310170701Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-096BC 4610170704Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-097BC 41010170708Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-098BC41310170711Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-099BC 41410170712Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-100BC 41610170714Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-101BC41710170715Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-102BC41810170716Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-103BC 41910170717Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-104BC 42310170721Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-105BC42410170722Robertson Farms-Beaver Creek Bucking Bulls
20142014-107Born-2-Boogie10170804Swinging C Cattle Co.
20142014-108Sweetheart's Cardiac Arrest10170821Candy Cane Quarter Horses
20142014-109Cord McCoy 4010170909McCoy Ranches
20142014-110Cord McCoy 4110170910McCoy Ranches
20142014-111Cord McCoy 4210170911McCoy Ranches
20142014-112Cord McCoy 4510170914McCoy Ranches
20142014-113Cord McCoy 4810170916McCoy Ranches
20142014-114J40010170991BAJA Company Inc.
20142014-115J40110170992BAJA Company Inc.
20142014-116J40210170993BAJA Company Inc.
20142014-117J40310170994BAJA Company Inc.
20142014-118J40410170995BAJA Company Inc.
20142014-119J40510170996BAJA Company Inc.
20142014-120J40610170997BAJA Company Inc.
20142014-121J40710170998BAJA Company Inc.
20142014-122J40810170999BAJA Company Inc.
20142014-123BB41910171037Barker Bulls
20142014-124BB41310171038Barker Bulls
20142014-125BB40010171039Barker Bulls
20142014-126BB49210171040Barker Bulls
20142014-127DLL 41110171136Davis Land & Livestock
20142014-128Pearl Necklace10171140Davis Land & Livestock
20142014-129Secret Code10171139Davis Land & Livestock
20142014-130DLL 42110171134Davis Land & Livestock
20142014-131DLL 40710171138Davis Land & Livestock
20142014-132Hyland 40410171194Hyland Cattle Co
20142014-133Hyland 40610171196Hyland Cattle Co
20142014-134Hyland 40710171197Hyland Cattle Co
20142014-135Hyland 40810171198Hyland Cattle Co
20142014-136Hyland 40910171199Hyland Cattle Co
20142014-137Hyland 41110171201Hyland Cattle Co
20142014-138Hyland 41210171202Hyland Cattle Co
20142014-139Red Hot Wasp10171222Rafter M Ranch
20142014-140CB Hopper10171223Rafter M Ranch
20142014-141Red River Regret10171225Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20142014-142Tijuana Dobber10171226Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20142014-143Boom Goes The Cannon10171227Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20142014-144Rebel Wasp10171229Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20142014-145Try Again10171234Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20142014-146Flapjack10171235Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20142014-147Outlaw Stinger10171236Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20142014-148Burnin' Vernon10171240Rafter Y Bucking Bulls
20142014-149SB 744 Sky High Street10171253Bonsall Bucking Bulls.com
20142014-150MX3 Triple Play10171285MX3 Cattle
20142014-15157 Deuce Coupe10171332TwoBulls Performance Cattle
20142014-152Sledgehammer10171333TwoBulls Performance Cattle
20142014-153Whippin Post10171334TwoBulls Performance Cattle
20142014-154Spider Pig10171335TwoBulls Performance Cattle
20142014-155Route 6610171336TwoBulls Performance Cattle
20142014-15669 No Option10171337TwoBulls Performance Cattle
20142014-157JMC 7110171338TwoBulls Performance Cattle
20142014-158Necessary Evil10171347TwoBulls Performance Cattle
20142014-1591844 YOLO10171378Triple Threat Genetics